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Boss Battle - Wolfpunch

The Wolfpunch Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, December 14th, 2:00 PM PST until December 19th,  2:00 PM PST

 Boss Battle - Wolfpunch

Surviving the harsh winters of the Northern Whyte Mountains is an uncommon feat. Few grow stronger and fewer still revel in the sheer ferocity of nature. While some call upon animal spirits to survive, Wolfpunch instead becomes a beast of his own design, brutalizing any unfortunate enough to cross his path.

Welcome to the Northern Whyte Mountains, where surviving against the elements is the least of your worries.

In this encounter against Wolfpunch you'll meet other dangers such as the Fenrir Warmaster or the Blazing Spines barring your way.


"This still looks pretty chill, what about the boss?"

Strike only when necessary!

Wolfpunch rallies Fox Ravagers to his side every turn while also gaining formidable attack power during your turn.

He has survived in this climate through patience and willpower. If you wish to live through this fight, you'll have to do the same!



"No problem, he's standing on thin ice! But why should I fight him?"

Show you're the alpha to earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!


Wolfpunch Callout

Defeated him with Magmar without attacking him once with Vaath :slight_smile: (didn’t want to trigger his Dowager sentinel). Thunderhorn was hilarious (and boss’ Quahog who gave me my Thunderhorn and flashed Makantor back to my hand).

Got it first try with pure Obleysk, was tense, ended at 1hp.
Quahog on wind dervishes is fun :wink:

I guess it could be nice with a deck w/ Venom Toth + Crimson Oculus

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won 1st try with Vaath too without attacking him lol
Funsteel, Funderhorn, Amanda and Taygete did all the work

didn’t see a Quahog but he summoned a Komodo Hunter, Frostiva, Fenrir Warmasters, a non-Basilisk Sentinel and a Razorcrag Golem in the fight
edit: oh Bur and Crystal Arbiter too

I actually bested him in his own game, used my stall/frostiva ----> didn’t even took damage:)

Beat it, Magmar is always a good choice for boss fight.
Juggernaut ftw.

Beat him first try with my Songhai mid-range.

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