[Boss battle] Umbra ideas?


For the lack of dedicated topic, making my own.

What minions you’d want to give to your opponent?
Besides Sellsoul, Bloodfire Totem (which is a token) and Dustdrinker-Mirage combo, I can’t think of anything interesting/funny to try.


Hamon Bladeseeker


A bunch of pandos


cassyva +shadowdancer +thunderhorn


This worked out pretty well.


i used nose saji to minimize the minion summoned and i beat him in one try


Just play Strategos, surround him, then let your minions evolve.
Or play as many opening Gambits as possible. Sunset Paragon is agood example for a bigger effect than stats.
Arti Reva, NOSE and Vaath are also pretty decent.


none, go mantra hai :+1:


Would have guessed some Sarlacs with Shadowdancer, killing the Shadowdancer quickly of course. Boss has Shadowdancer in deck though so might be risky.

What worked for me.

  1. Growmar (RHacker’s deck)
    Your minions grow while dead guys don’t :slight_smile: .
    Unfortunately winning didn’t complete Boss because a snag so…

  2. Wraithlings
    Some Furiosas. Do some insane charity by giving all you want wraithlings with BMP.
    With an opening OTK with some Baronette combo :grin:


Infest was pretty brutal on this boss :stuck_out_tongue:


Boss battle itself wasn’t that hard (even though I won because of him not going face). I just wanted to come up with something made specifically for him - many bosses have cards/mechanics that counter them.


So like Venom Toth?
Summon more guys please :smiling_imp:.


But you want Venom Toth for yourself. I’m looking for a minion you intentionally want your opponent to summon.


I played Vaath and my gameplan was to

  1. Natural Select the Bastion at the very beginning of the game, and
  2. Get out a Spirit Harvester as soon as I can and protect it

Spirit Harvester absolutely destroys the boss because whenever your opponent gets a 1 health clone, it dies at the end of the turn, AND your opponent’s ability is kinda useless

From there it’s just playing a regular game because the boss has pretty much the same stats as your boss.

This doesn’t really answer the OP’s question, but it’s a really good idea for anyone who’s having a hard time with beating the boss


(Opponent’s 2nd turn)
After looking at all the cards I think I found something extra evil :sunglasses:.


press F for boss’s mana


riftwalker would also be funny as umbra’s ability would force the summoned walker to deal damage to it


I walked in with a S.I.L.V.E.R. deck to check what the boss was about and its BSS.
I obviously thought that was a very poor choice on my part, but accidentally won on first try thanks to peer-to-peer Rush Frenzy.


VAATH SMASH!!!(15 char)


That’s… actually pretty mean of you. The clone Wisp that Umbra spawns will not activate its Opening Gambit.

As for me, I used a control creep deck with Cadance-Juggernaut and Obliterate as win conditions. I use the creep and Cassy’s BBS to control the swarms of minions Umbra spawn and wait until I can snatch victory.