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Boss Battle: Trump


This is gonna be a great boss. The greatest. It’s gonna be so, so great. People will be talking about how great it is.

Time for another installment of Duelyst Boss Battles. Thanks to everyone who rescued me from the hands of The Invader! When things get tough, I always know I can count on you.

Orias will ready himself to write the final chapter in your inevitable demise, and the sooner you realize you’re no match for this superior, smarter-than-you book-reading guy, the sooner you can move on to tasks more manageable for mortals such as yourselves.

Beating Grym is un-possible

Try as you might, you’ll never escape the vitriol sniperino. And what are you gonna do about it? Hit 'em? Pfft, good luck with that. Paragon of Light harbors all the traits of a normal Zir’an, meaning she can never die. EVER!

Yep, I never doubt you guys…

This week, you’re facing Trump, who apparently is the greatest boss ever. With the U.S. presidential election slowly creeping up on us, Trump wanted to make sure he asserted his dominance early on, and getting the votes of the ever so massive Duelyst playerbase was of top priority to him.

To start, Trump finally got around to building that wall.

This ensures that no one is ever able to step on his turf. But he’s more than free to infiltrate your side of the board, because that’s fair.

Don’t worry. Trump is only able to move one space per turn. It’s a good thing because he comes with 5 atk and frenzy, so once he gets to your side, he will destroy everything in his path!

And his minions are capable of destroying basically anything too. Trump plays the big boys. You can’t make America great again with puny creatures. You gotta fire the big guns to get respect around here.

If Trump is not your president, then you better defeat him. Doing so will earn you an Executive Boss Crate. This prestigious honor will earn you the title Commander in Memes. If there’s ever a Duelyst International Election, this is your chance to start your campaign!



I find this to be most humorous. Most humorous, indeed.



Old trick: Just lure a wall in front of the boss on turn 1 and they can’t do anything.


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