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Boss Battle: Spell Monster


I couldn’t figure out how to get the alt skin using the card creator. If possible, help a pleb out. :heart:

Alright nerds and nerdettes, get ready for the next thrilling boss battle! This week, you will face off against Spell Monster, a being with a hearty appetite for your spells. Spells are a vital part of Spell Eater’s diet. They are chock-full of essential nutrients that a growing boss needs. However, your job is not actually to give Spell Eater a healthy diet. Your mission is to starve him.

Every time you activate a spell, the radiation that emits from it will be absorbed by Spell Eater, causing it to acquire super human abilities. The minions that get summoned are affected by this radiation because they acquire the super powers of the generals who summon them. This effectively turns generals into super heroes, and minions into their faithful sidekicks.

Unfortunately for you, Spell Eater comes with the Kryptonite BBS, which takes away the super powers of any enemy minion, then summons a wind dervish next to the neutered minion for additional minion abuse.

If you play wizard decks or arcanysts against this boss, don’t be surprised if people start to question your life choices. This boss promotes board-based gameplay, and if you don’t want Spell Eater to make your deck a part of its diet, you’ll take part in this “interactive” gameplay people are always talking about.

If you defeat Spell Eater, you will receive a Magical Boss Crate. It has all sorts of magical things inside that could help you grow big and strong, or maybe give you superpowers too! :eyes:




I forgot what this boss did and went in with my Grow Boss deck and luckily it didn’t have too many spells.

Though when I retreated for a Gigaloth and he gained Ranged through an Artifact I thought “shoot, that looks bad.” But he put his minions still partly close to me so my grown minions could beat them up and encroach on him and kill him.

Be careful, if he has Forcefield it is really hard to see. Attacked him with my Oropsi for nothing which died in the following turn because of that.


Has anyone else noticed that if that BBS kills a minion, it summons another Wind Dervish on the dead minion’s space? It’s pretty unfair…

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huh, that’s never happened to me. weird.

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