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Boss Battle Special Friday Edition: Busy Busy Beatrix


Fellow Dooly players, are you ready to play a super fun exciting video game with lots of important decision making? Welp, the boss doesn’t have time for any of that…

This is Taskmaster Beatrix, and she has way too many tasks to get done. She doesn’t have time to sit down and play the video game like you obviously do. That’s why she chooses to never move at all, and instead, let her minions do all the work for her.

In this match, all minions you summon will act like battle pets. Even Zukong, the battle pet tamer, will lose all sense and smack anything he sees. And for added fun, as well as mocking spellhai, Beatrix can’t be targeted by spells. For the record, this means you can in fact NOT Phoinex Fire her in the face, forcing you to rely on dumb battle pets to win the game.

Beatrix will try to out-swole you by playing the beefiest of boys, and since she has taken the tactics out of this tactics game, it may be necessary to present boys that are even beefier. If that’s not enough, her special power is Pot of Greed. Legend has it that Pot of Greed allows anyone who uses it to draw 2 cards. With that much power at her disposal, it’ll be a struggle to ensure she can’t carry out her task of defeating you.

The good news is that if you defeat Beatrix, she will put “Give Player a Boss Crate” at the top of her to-do list. Afterwards, she will go right back to ignoring you because her list of tasks is seemingly endless.


Or boys that lay eggs that hatch into intelligent boys. :egg:


Godhammers and Forcefields for an easy job.
I felt sorry for busty Beatrix.

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Godhammer + Moloki were pretty effective here :slight_smile:

Hilarious writeup as usual! Good job :smiley:

On another note…I played against all bosses except Xel because I was on vacation during that time. I wonder when we will face that one again because some of the bosses we already defeated 3-4 times and others only 1-2 times.


just fault, her minions cant even get pass the fault the purgatos had me sweating though

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Man I wish we could lay eggs that hatch into intelligent Generals to completely bypass Zendo. Requesting Valknu’s Seal buff.


To continue in telling interesting (for me) tidbits about boss battles.


She only came to us in October 2017. It is really time for a comeback.


She (along with Sauntaur) were created as holiday event bosses; if you guys would want to replay them earlier, that’s actually one of the few things we can edit in the background that doesn’t require a patch :slight_smile:


That would be great!

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What are the other things? :thinking:


Boss ability: All minions are stupid.

Countered by: Using Battle Pets in your deck


AFAIK nothing else (from my end). There may be a few nuance/maintenance things we can do (software certificate renewals and the like) but if there is more, I’ll let you guys know.

Right now we have the next cycle of bosses laid out, but I can set up a poll for you guys to vote on the next set/order if you’d like :slight_smile:


We’d like!
Boss polls… :heart_eyes:


If you just want your crate play trial abyss with Maehv gets them without fail never have to change up the plan. Except for that one boss that randomizes minions entering the battle field, that one is a crap shoot.


Boss polls would be really nice :smiley:

We like voting on things!


Minions promoted by Strategos learn some… strategery. Almost feels like cheating when you can control your entire board and they can’t. I’m guessing transformed minions might also be controllable, but I have not test that.


That actually doesn’t change anything for the Boss. They always “can’t”. :joy:


Build minions are what I always use.

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I mean yeah, in that they are both controlled by the AI. But pet AI doesn’t even make any attempt to go after higher valued targets or make more sensible trades where as normal boss AI at least tries.

Also, what happens if you play Zukong against this boss, anyone know?


An earlier thread said Zukong didn’t do a thing.

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