Boss Battle - Soulstealer


My brave general was finally outplayed in this battle of brilliant minds :’(


I can’t express how much I laughed watching this :rofl: Thanks for sharing!


He even perfectly plays around Betrayal there! smh

Had to rely on muscle power eventually:


This is by far the Best boss in my opinion. Here’s why:


One of my fastest win:



Bond…enjoy your t2 27atk minion


Took my standard control list.


With that list, you just gotta make Crystal Wisp as your general. I see no other alternative.


I did, then it became a hearth sister.


We deny all fake waifus!

Shame, shame, shame…


So I did a few tests and came up with some interesting results.

  1. If a friendly minion dies while Capricious marauder is your general you lose
  2. If Moloki Huntress becomes your general she wont grow on your opponents turn
  3. a 16/18 Moloki Huntress (General) with Bounded Lifeforce transforms into a 25/25
  4. Eternal heart loses durability whenever ANY minion takes damage
  5. Eternal heart does not save you if you attack while it has 1 durability
  6. Eternal heart has +1 durability but only if your opponent attacks you (enemies can hit you up to four times and the artifact does not break)
  7. Eternal heart + Dark transformation -> targeted minion does not die but instead survives with 1 hp (works regardless of the durability remaining)
  8. Vindicator (General) + Tectonic Spikes -> even at 3 hp you wont die.
  9. Vindicator (General) + Bounded Lifeforce -> adds the additional damage and health
  10. Grandmaster Kraigon (minion) + Dispel -> Still buffs your General?
    This need further explaining. I played Kraigon and let him grow a few turns as my General. Later I used Bounded lifeforce (while he was my General) and the attack and health values were added. Then I played a new minion which became my General. However later Kraigon was dispelled and turned into a 10/10 yet part of his effect remained! He could no longer buff himself but only my new General.
  11. Grandmaster Kraigon + Moloki Huntress -> gives +15/+15
  12. Keeper of the vale doesn’t summon anything

This is what I have observed so far. If any one is interested and has any more questions I would be happy to answer if I can.




Seraphim doesn’t work as your general.


doesnt suprise me.
nether summoning didnt work either so we can assume the graveyard is bugged. or that since everything was once a general it isnt put into the graveyard.
if you pay attention during a decispikes combo, youll see that spikes draws the cards before dealing damage.
indominus does nothing so we can assume anything that directly affects the general will have issues.
maurauder interaction can be inferred by the confirmation about eggs and sentinels.
the moloki is working as intended, unlike enfeeble you keep your buffs with bounded.
eternal heart is just bug central in a mode like this.


That made me laugh way more than it should have. This is definitely my favorite boss so far.

PSA: don’t bounce your original general with orb rider, the game isn’t too happy about it.


Four words: Flash reincarnation plus kolossus.

GG noob.


On my smurf account I was able to beat the boss with this.


This must be one of the most fun bosses that I have the pleasure of going against. I beat it on the first try, thanks to those Blood Taura that I have laying about, collecting dust. That and some Divine Bonds and 1-HP minions makes this a rather interesting but easy game.

It is interesting to see what new mechanics that could be introduced in these boss battles. It seem that the developers are using them to test new and unique ideas.


Wanted to see if it would work and it did; a heal deck with Sworn Defender. Instantly heals whenever I take damage. Basically soloed him because he didn’t drop anything that did 7 or more damage.


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