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Boss Battle - Soulstealer


Rancor is pretty fun on this boss too.


This is the very first time Mankator isnt inherently good


Super fun, super creative. Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be going in.

Play artifacts


Artifact Sajj. Downed it in first try. Fun boss, though.


Where is your god now ?
Run little boy :wink:

Stupid deck I made for it



you know he plays void pulses?

spells DO damage gauj

playing with fire


Yeah, but I’m a gambler :wink:

That one was fun too (death by doom)

He played Breath of the Unborn and blowed my speakers :smile:


Just ran through the boss battle with a custom Artifact Sajj deck.
Slayer of Beasts confirmed. :sunglasses:


@readerusmc Ditto.

Secondary note for Vanar players: prison your general at low hp then resummon (gloriousness)


I just went through going “3 of this, that, this, that…” I didn’t even look at the boss, first. B-)


Just spammed golems and grow minions


Make your Worldcore Golem a General. :ok_hand:


Which one am I? Even I don’t know! But I do.

Not so fun fact: Becoming the Mythron Rare (Xor’Xull) removes your active destiny! :cry:


Really fun boss, I decided to challenge him with my old mech deck and turning your general into Mechaz0r! or a fully powered S.I.L.V.E.R. feels so awesome :grinning:


Bond lyonar totaly **** this boss…didn,t even get to 7 mana


wait how does this boss work with nose tho


I have no idea how to beat this using non solo, non sarlac decks.




For those of you who want an infinite run, just play multiple sarlacs and no other minions, him dom one of them and bingo, you have two immortal generals.

P.S: you can’t concede as either sarlac or Gor as your dying wish procs before you fully die thus causing you to respawn


I beat it on my mini account using a Vanar deck. Just beat his butt with your general and summon beefy dudes in the back after any utility summons up front. Old general low on hp? Hailstone prison your Faie or w/e and then re-play for 0. It’s sweet.


consuming rebirth maehv is great