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Boss Battle - Soulstealer


The Soulstealer Battle will be available on Thursday, April 12th, 2:00 PM PDT until April 17th, 2:00 PM PDT Boss Battle - Soulstealer

Historians have spoken of a demon who haunts the Echoing Depths. While not much is known about it, there are some who claim that they returned from the Echoing Depths in a different body than the one they entered with.

Enter the Depths and greet the ghastly entity known as Soulstealer.

The fight for your soul starts now; while the battlefield is vast and empty, every new body you bring is a new vessel for your soul to transfer into.

“Vessels? Transfering souls? What occult madness is this!?”

Soulstealer is a name bestowed by historians onto this demonic entity because of what it does.

During your encounter with the Soulstealer, your soul will flee into every new minion that comes to your aid.

In a similar manner, the Soulstealer will retreat into a new host body should its current one expire.

“I'm not sure this is the out-of-body experience I'm looking for. Why are we doing this again?”

Defeat the Soulstealer and get a whole Core Spirit Orb. Wait, that doesn't sound exciting. What about a brand new Boss Crate that's free to open!?

Crates have been redesigned so crack one open and see what's inside!

Duelyst Boss Soulstealer Callout


Boo! Boo this boss! I can’t play Dance of Memes against him!


Quick PSA

Avoid temporary units in this fight!
Things such as Eggs, Sentinels, Buildings, Wind Dervishes (anything that disappears or transforms basically) will make you die (because your General is no longer there).

Otherwise good luck and have fun!


wait… so if i summon an egg, my general is now an egg?

welp there goes any rangnora, rebirth, valknu, deathwatch, gate, or xor xull memes


Yes, you become… the egg. Which is fine. Egg is fine.

Just summon something after the egg so you’re no longer an egg.

Eggs are an endangered species, don’t put your life at risk.


I think his time down in the echoing depths made Soulstealer a little blind, 'cause he never killed my 1 health Grimes summons when they were my general


WAIT! I just realized that i can play with serpenti as my general!

Best Boss confirmed


divine bond OP

a 27/25 minion turn 3 is OP

fun fact: indominus is a vanilla 7/9 in this boss battle


Did that but then got hit by dark transformation before I use him :frowning:

Edit: twice now. I must be cursed.


huh, and here i thought that 2x void pulse turn 1 was the problem

learned that if you malice, you die before the husk is summoned, BUT if you necrotic sphere an aymara, you destroy your former body and become a wraithling

nether summoning does NOTHING (soulstealer killed a bonecrusher. i cast nether and NOTHING HAPPENED)


I have a feeling someones going to play solo vaath and ruin the fun


I’m going to try solo Shidai.


Decided to play Russian Roulette with Unstable Leviathan.


I tried my hatefurnace deck and whenever I played a buff spell on ragnora it exits the match and shows an error message.

I tried my Sajj deck and equipping artifacts works correctly. Played minion artifact minion: first minion had the artifact and kept it after playing another minion.

3x Blood Taura is super good here.

Also general Grandmaster Kraigon gets +14/+14 every turn.


This boss is hilarious and adorable. And… really, REALLY easy to cheese.

The fun one: I used my Highlander Ragnora deck and everything got buffed +1/+1, even the General minion when summoned. Good job too, otherwise he’d have mauled me when I became a Thunderhorn lol. Should note that if a Rebirth minion dies your General becomes the egg that it leaves behind. Kinda cool.

The cheese one: Sarlac really is Eternal in this fight… apparently he can’t have his power dispelled if he is the General! Just, if General Sarlac dies he takes any equipped Artifacts with him, so don’t plan on using expensive stuff like Ornate Higoi for too long :stuck_out_tongue:


wait… so if you die while your general is sarlac you are resummoned as sarlac 2 before its game over???


Yep! I tried it against every type of damage the boss has, and even went all the way to deckout to see if he died then. Lone Sarlac won the day :smiley:


That’s hilarious :joy:


I just played ArtiSajj. Dropped a Klinger behind me, started stacking artifacts, used Sajj’s body as a meatshield to clear his minions and blew up his main body with artifact burst.


Also avoid Marauder because when a unit dies and you’re a Marauder you end up with both on same side, game locked, can’t play a minion, can’t end turn, just have to Concede :frowning: