Boss Battle: Solfist (july 2018)


Maybe splitting the 100 spirit for easy mode and orb + cosmetic for hard mode? The spirit is still really useful if you’re a new player.


This is one of the few bosses I haven’t been able to beat with my gate to the undervault deck :frowning: On the bright side, aggro Faie with liberal use of concealing shroud got me there eventually.

On the note of difficulty I believe that CPG has said somewhere that they eventually want to introduce hard/easy mode for the bosses.


didn’t expect to beat it with Underlord Maehv (w/o summoning the Mythron himself)
then orb rewarded me with a Sarlac :sirpenti:


Can we have a boss who starts with all seven Mythrons summoned?


Can we not? (Unless we start with full mana, then I’d be a little more interested)


All seven would be overkill. Even 2 is enough for being unbearable.

Just imagine Lyonar + Abyss Trial.


I mean, the worst one really seems like Abyss and Magmar for endless rush fest.


Maybe the stats of all Mythrons could be adjusted to 1/1? And the player could get accordingly powerful buffs as well, like drawing a full hand every end of turn or something along those lines.


Actually, Magmar gives rush frenzy only to minions played from action bar, so it’s not that bad.


Isn’t the rush keyword permanent? I think you’re right and it is only from the action bar, but I don’t play Xor so I am not sure. Maybe some Abyss main can test it.


Easiest test would be to summon a hatefurnaced minion, kill it, hatch it and see if it keeps it’s the frenzy


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