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Boss Battle: Socialism

Welcome everyone to the next exciting boss battle. This time, things are going to be a little bit different. Instead of facing an actual living being, you will be staring down an entire societal construct!

Allow me to introduce you to Socialism. In this game, everything is free! You all live in a wonderful, magical world that seems almost too good to be true. Want to play a Worldcore Golem? Go right ahead. How about Kraigon? Sure, why not? Nothing could possibly ruin this moment!

…well…except for one minor thing.

(These stats vary. I just took a screenshot from my own game :stuck_out_tongue:)

This is the dark side of Socialism, here to collect your taxes. Unfortunately for you, things aren’t as free as they seem. After enjoying the luxury of free minions, it’s time for you to pay up! This meanie will make you pay full price for your minions again, and make all minions switch loyalties. What’s theirs is yours, and what’s yours is theirs. Socialism puts power in the hands of the people, and the more people who go over to its side, the stronger Socialism will become.

If you can deal with Socialism, you will get a free Boss Crate!

…Or is it free? :sweat:



Remove syndacalist scum.

Lenin being replaced by Stalin all over again…

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Not inaccurate.


You can surround it to never give it a chance to take the stuff it gave you back

Socialism hates cats! Here is why…

Also I wish, we had a Dissonance skin the shop. Seems like the only boss skin that is missing. 3 different Calligrapher looks would be fun!


You are absolutely right. Thought the same today.

I defeated it with Trial Abyssian, was fun killing my big minions before Harmony died though I didn’t summon Xor’Xuul before her death because I didn’t want to risk the stolen minions being immortal. Not sure how that interaction would have worked out. I assume the undying part only counts for my own minions (also the stolen ones I got from Harmony?) but not sure. Maybe that needs to be tested :slight_smile:

Though I was shocked for a moment that Xor’Xuul cost 6 mana suddenly which was bad because I was on 3 mana and had to survive till 6 mana somehow.


This is either a very elaborate description of tax evasion and credit card abuse or simply Socialism doing what Socialism does best convincing people to buy into capitalism

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Worldcore Golem+Reliquarian+Silhouette Tracer
(2 Lost Artificer and a Cyclone Mask works too).

If you kill it with an Unholy Abomination, it’ll only have
one minion which you can then use cheap removal on.


Thanks for something fun to test.
Trial does not carry over. But it was tricky anyway because your minions don’t die anymore and they are guaranteed to become your enemies. In particular, it’s hard to not give too much Sarlacs to the boss (I still gave away 6, but Ironclad gave me a helping hand).


Note the spawns, all minions went to my side of the board.


Thanks for testing! I don’t have the time for it right now.

So the minions you gave Harmony were undying but the new ones Harmony summoned died like everybody else?

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It sounds like he just means that due to the Trial, you can’t get rid of your own board before killing Harmony.


Exactly what @randomex said. Everything Harmony gets behaves as usual (no multiplying Sarlacs). You can see on the screenshot that I managed to clear his board a turn or two after trading minions.

If you fully surround Harmony before killing it’s first phase, it’s second phase doesn’t spawn.
I.e. you win before Harmony has a chance to steal your minions.

So if you want a brainless way to beat this boss, use trial abyssian to fill the board before killing Harmony’s first phase.


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