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Boss Battle: Skyfall Tyrant


From the people who brought you Silverbeak…


comes an all new flightless bird

“Skyfall Tyrant” : coming to Duelyst on Feburary 21, 2019

Oh wait, that’s now. I should probably talk about it then.

This is Skyfall Tyrant, and he lives his life envious of those who can touch the sky. Long ago, Skyfall Tyrant was able to fly among other air creatures. But that all changed when his parents forced him to take up sewing, just as his Tyrant ancestors had done many generations ago. He would be forced to learn how to create Frost Armor, the family’s signature craft. While Frost Armor provides protection from the cold, its weight makes Skyfall Tyrant fall…from the sky. Shackled to the ground by his parents ambitions, Skyfall Tyrant became depressed, and decided to isolate himself in the Bastion of Confinement, which is definitely NOT a Fortress of Solitude spoof at all.

Your mission is to free Skyfall Tyrant from his sewing career so that he can pursue his true dream of becoming an actor, and star in his own movie called 007: Skyfall Tyrant :stuck_out_tongue:

Every turn, Skyfall Tyrant puts on a new set of Frost Armor, which is like if Arclyte Regalia had a baby, and the boss…wears the baby on his…ok never mind. Also, he acquired the ranged keyword so he would never have to leave home to hit people.

While he did lose his ability to fly, Skyfall Tyrant will summon a lot of flying minions during the match, as well as some ranged guys. In other words, there’s no escape from his minions. Only Skyfall Tyrant is allowed to be safe in this fight, which is why he has the Bastion of Confinement. You’ll need persistence, endurance, and possibly a script for his dream movie on standby if you want to defeat him.

Defeating the boss will allow Skyfall Tyrant to live out the life he always wanted! He will thank you with a Boss Crate, and a role in his new movie! So if you ever want a break from Duelyst, you could always try acting. :+1:t2:




When it crumBAAAALLS



I wanted to try Xor’Xuul, was not sure if it is that great a choice and it was kinda close because the Tyrant equipped a white asp and kept hitting my face.


It is also sad that we don’t get the monthly boss battle thread anymore. Do we get a new mod after yaviey left, @stormshade?


when did yaviey leave?


At least early February, although it could have been earlier. But I don’t read the reddit forums and I’m not on the Duelyst Discords (except for Meltdown League). O Most Just Managers of this Glorious but Shriveling Community, Where Art Thou in Our Time of Greatest Need?


Well the CM is only active on the forums anyways.


I know, but that doesn’t mean that news of Yaviey leaving wasn’t posted on one of them first before the forum post. But like I said I wouldn’t know if there was something or not since I’m not on reddit or duelyst discord, with the meltdown league being an exception.

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