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Boss Battle - Skurge!

The Skurge Battle will be available on Thursday, June 14th, 2:00 PM PDT until June 19th, 2:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle - Skurge

One of the most dangerous mercenaries known across the land. He is as ruthless as he is fearless in pursuing his marks. Underestimate him and his crew will rain punishment from the skies above. Be wary as his brother is always watching.

You're looking for trouble if you're entering Skurge's territory. His style of combat focuses on hit-and-run tactics, with a crew of Jaxis ready to assault you from all corners of the map.

"It's just a couple of frail Ranged units, nothing to be afraid of!"

Skurge knows that blood begets blood - the longer the hunt, the stronger he gets. But this marksman does not travel alone! His brother Valiant lies waiting elsewhere, don't be foolish enough to fall into their trap! These two work together to cover their weaknesses, so you won't find Skurge easy prey with Valiant around as support.

"Why should I try to fight these mercenary brothers?"

If you can track down and defeat Skurge, you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which is now free to open! Boss Crates contain 1 Random Spirit Orb, 1 Cosmetic Item, and 100 Spirit to help boost your collection.

Think you can out-hunt this hunter?

Duelyst Boss Skurge Callout


thanatos, i get that you don’t like when doom is good

but this isn’t acceptable

this boss kills itself before i can win with doom

dissapointed in you…



I am really having problems with this boss. there seems to be no way to counter all that ranged.

seriously… the dispel ability is just bonkers and unfair


Use burn. If it fails, use more burn.

But seriously, it’s one of the hardest bosses for me also.

On the other hand, previously I won with healyonar. Heal, heal, dispel his buddy, watch him burn himself.


Yeah, Songhai finally did it for me Panddo with deathstrike seals for the boss minion are a blessing against this one.


Just do like if you were on ladder, Fault+KK, spank spank, dead first try (with that one, not my usual goofys decks ofc).


Sorry for mockery, but

Ranged is OP.

Just couldn’t stop myself.


Send list :smiley: and replay link

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It seems that Skurge himself will not attack a stolen Valiant.

Skurge also has hidden text that reads “Immune to damage while you control Valiant”, as stealing control of Valiant will not make your general immune. However, Valiant’s Provoke cannot be dispelled, regardless of whether he is under your or Skurge’s control.

This was overall a very fun fight. I beat him once by using Oblivion Sickles to get a lot of Exuming Sand Tiles. Saving your removal for the Night Watcher and you can keep throwing out Kha-Khas until you win.
The second time I played a deck with heal, Scion’s First and Second Wishes, and Fountain of Youth. Dominate Will Valiant when he comes down and use him to beat his brother to death.


A challenging enemy indeed, but only in exceptional occasions can any foe stand up to the legion of the mightly Sirocco.


This is what you do… Take Wild Tahr, bait his attacks, then mist dragon seal/juxta it on over to him and hit him for 15 the first turn so you can immediately OBS his brother. He should kill himself off with his self damage so long as you have any other damage at all to throw his way.

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so fun fact, i actually beat this guy first try with my doom deck without doom


Thanks :smiley:

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This one you can think of in three stages I think… First clear all the jaxi stuff. Then get healing ready and get burn into hand and removal for his brother. Then you just let the burn do the things. https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LF0k3bUHgLoAf1fl1Mn

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i’ve picked up songhai again and played second self + Ki beholders. It felt like the dirtiest meme i’ve made lmao.

btw has anyone tried sabotage decks vs this guy? seems like it’ll be fun.

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Another Thumbs Down. Bosses are just a bad system for free orbs at this point.

Just give players 2 orbs a week at this point since that’s the only motivation to beat a boss; they have so many gimmicks now you can’t just “challenge” your favorite deck, you make one or use the one that counters it. It’s not fun. Apparently it really is just too much to have an AI play a normal game of duelyst.

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I misread you beat him with Paddo and was immediately super impressed.
Alas, no love for the red marvel.

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the whole point is building around the boss and having fun

maybe you just do it for the orbs, but i do it for the fun and challenge of it.

whatever, you do you


I disagree. I always beat a boss with one of my ladder decks.

The only exception was the boss with full mana.

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So, I beat this one on my first try with my Vespyr deck!

I was only using because it’s my “default” deck I usually pick first when challenging new bosses (because it usually breaks in amusing ways). But it turns out Glacial Elemental is an extremely effective counter for lots of little ranged minions, since it can kill them anywhere on the board without triggering counterattacks. I Frostfired one to boost its health and stuck it in a corner, where the boss ignored it for most of the game. Boss Guy was instead focusing his efforts on repeatedly picking off Snowchasers, which only helped to fuel the Glacial Machinegun.

When the Surprise Brother showed up, I went “oh cool” and immediately turned him into a puppy (AotR), so he didn’t really factor in at all.

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