Boss Battle - Skurge

The Skurge Boss Battle will be available on Tuesday, October 10th 2:00 PM PDT until Sunday, October 15th 4:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle: Skurge

One of the most dangerous mercenaries known across the land. He is as ruthless as he is fearless in pursuing his marks. Underestimate him and his crew will rain punishment from the skies above. Be wary as his brother is always watching. 🏹🛡

You’re looking for trouble if you’re entering Skurge’s territory. His style of combat focuses on hit-and-run tactics, with a crew of Jaxis ready to assault you from all corners of the map.

"It's just a couple of frail Ranged units, nothing to be afraid of!"

Skurge knows that blood begets blood - the longer the hunt, the stronger he gets. But this marksman does not travel alone! His brother Valiant lies waiting elsewhere, don't be foolish enough to fall into their trap! These two work together to cover their weaknesses, so you won't find Skurge easy prey with Valiant around as support.

"Why should I try to fight these mercenary brothers?"

If you can track down and defeat Skurge, you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!

Think you can out-hunt this hunter?


so you could say that valiant is “sworn” to “defend” skurge
and that if you kill valiant, skurge will be “sworn” to “avenge” him?


I beat it first try. I could see a number of decks doing the same. I found it to be a bit on the easy side with an Abyssian deck built around dying wish.



I swear you guys are catching on to us




All I need was WILD TAHR and MIST DRAGON SEAL lol



Its nice to use unconventional cards to beat bosses, ran echoing shriek and transformed his jaxi’s into wraithlings. After the initial threat was over, just spiked him to death and punished his sworn defender.


I let the Jax attack my general, then killed the mini one’s with ghost lightning.

Put some celestial phantom and inner focus in the deck , and also some deathstrike seal just in case no celestial phantom comes in the hand until that point (so i can use any minion/bloodborn spell heartseeker with inner focus).

Instant killing the Defender immediately after he is summoned with this combo makes the rest of the battle maybe a bit too easy, as the boss does damage to himself every turn. Just have to put some minions close by to draw the boss agro, and snipe his ranged minions with phoenix fire or something.


I liked the boss and his deck. Offered a very different experience to the other bosses.


I’ve defeated him with literally any working ladder deck.

As a suggestion. I beleive if the brother was spell and dispell immune the fight could be more challenging.


they both ARE dispel immune.


This boss was hella easy, only took me one try with a hybrid between spell and midrange Songhai deck. PM if you want the deck list, but you won’t need it.


Beat it today in my kid’s account with a basic Vanar deck. Transformed the brother and the rest was pretty easy.


You all are saying this is easy but for some reason this boss has wrecked me like 6 times. Ive beaten all the boss’s since the lionar dragon dude, and ive beaten atleast half of them first try but for some reason i cannot win against this boss.


NVM i beat it
filling for 15 character


He was a little challenging, but I beat him on the 3rd try. Abyssian made it easy.

I would love if you guys made it so that you could get more rewards by beating the bosses with a deck from each different faction. That would really up the challenge for people that find the boss easy to beat using a particular faction.

Still, loving the updates, and you have officially got me regularly putting money into the game with those boss crates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


beat him with vetruvian and crimson oculus. +3/+3 from minijax plus astral phasing was pretty fun.


But not spell immune. I removed him via spell several times. As soon as he appeared.


eh, it could be debated that is exactly what makes it easy enough for new players to actually win this

besides, it make dominate will fun


Something like one orb for beating with 1 faction, another orb for beating it with 3 factions and a 3rd orb for beating it with all factions.

That would make it more interesting for some people to try more different decks and also not give too much of a reward for it.

In general I think the boss fights are underutilized. There could also be some kind of xp (beating the boss with different factions) you could collect to unlock a boss crate at a certain point.