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Boss Battle - Shinkage Zendo


Ah, each time we defeat a Boss it is banished to the memevault? Sounds reasonable!

The unspoken Fish swoops over them … and theyre gone … imprisoned and bitterly waiting to be released again by the powers that CPG.


Shinkage got quite a long punishment for stealing the power of the Shadow Gods. That is why the Trinity is weak!!! They are not powerful enough, so they steal the other god’s powers. This is unacceptable!!!




And I thought we were friends…

Really, it’s just fair that he reks you.

Songhai is superior choice for him. Previously I devastated him with Arcanyst Kaleos on the first try.


Hey, @alplod linked me to this (thank you) and I think you @cloudfrog could take a look at my thread and see if there’s something you agree on :smiley:


It was somehow spontaneous :slight_smile: I made a mistake, but I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Fair, fair. But there’s no such thing as “dust,” did you mean Spirit?

…Wait. Are you disenchanting our cards!? Are you seeing another card game? :magsad:

Say it ain’t so @excogitator, I thought you were different, we had something special!


I always knew I would be caught cheating with a card game, but not like this…

And to be caught using hearthstone terms of all things…

I guess that means I have to like all the posts on the old meme thread as repentance, after I get through this one.


Reading this post has heightened my appreciation of your humor and its application in this community.


Do you dust Earthstone cards to craft Doolist cards? Teach me…


I’m sorry. it was a moment of weakness.
@atheistmantis The thread is a nice read. I don’t really have an too much of an opinion when it comes to balance tho. there’s way too much that I do not know.



That’s a pretty neat idea. We’d have to talk to our kickstart backers about using that skin though.


Of couse :smiley: Fingers crossed that they 'd like the idea of having an evil doge boss!
Though if that doesn’t pan out, there are several other adorable creatures on duelyst with no boss counterparts yet. Gotta think of new puns tho.

Holy crap it’s a non-Ugandan Knuckles sonic meme


Evil Fog or Evil Rok boss could be adorable…


For one, the skin would be a different color variation so I wouldn’t think it would be a violation of skin usage. And the skin would be exclusive to a boss, who wouldn’t want to fight a doggo boss?


that makes perfect sense to me. but also i think it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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