Boss Battle - Shinkage Zendo


Okay, which one of you beat this guy with dance of memes.


Meh. Like the first time, I find this boss absolutly unfun, and the reward doesn’t justify the amount of time spent. I’ll just skip him.


Anyone else appreciate the fact that these boss matches don’t have a turn timer? It’s perfect since I can step away, do something and come back a few minutes later to finish out the game

Good job on that CPG :blush: :+1:


Make the hard mode bosses only give you 20 seconds for your turn and the boss takes 20 minutes.


Beat the boss on my second try, although I came a little too close to defeat that time. I wish someone told me that when it said “Takes no damage from minions and generals” on Quartermaster Gauj, it also includes all minion effect damage…


Good old Healyo Excelsious Deck, no problem at all



They used to!

It wasn’t very fun in a game mode that doesn’t really need it (we’re pretty sure the AI won’t mind if you need to answer to door to pay for pizza… and eat a slice or three).

Believe we made that change around generation/wave 2 or 3 as a Quality of Life change :grin:


I suppose Shinkage Zendo is the one who got away. :frowning: I have beaten every boss since I started playing except this one.


self teleportation. Why didn’t i think of that gdi.


This boss is basically screaming Songhai (it’s even the Grandmaster!)

Take some Mist Walking, Flickers or heck, dust off that SUBSTITUTION and give it a whirl :wink:

:eyes: Maybe we’ll give you a starting Tracer next time so you don’t forget about them.


oh. about that… I kind of dusted my entire songhai collection due to a combination of hating shidai and not getting sirroco on my last booster before the Ancient Bonds change :joy:


But in all seriousness, let’s pretend Shinkage Zendo is a good benchmark for say… Hardmode Bosses? (As we stated in our Dev Talk, he’s probably the hardest one on our roster and the reason we waited 11 months before bringing him back in).

This guy needs an Easy Mode (compared to other Bosses)


You are dead to the Trinity, this sin will take you one hundred lifetimes to repent for.

On a side-note, I don’t really agree with Noa’s statement that Songhai is the faction to bring in order to beat this guy. Yeah, they have some general movement spells, but the fact that you spend all early-mid game just trying not to get hit and then the fact that Songhai has no late-game (not to mention that one of their few reliable late game tools is worthless here) makes it extremely difficult compared to other factions.

The only reason you can win against him with Songhai is because the A.I. is not yet programmed to deal with key words like ranged which is something the Devs have even noted in the Dev Talk. And this is the same for almost all other bosses that I have seen when trying to pilot my Songhai against them.


Explain how does he get defeated by quillrage first time he let me summon 3 rippers, no explanations needed.


Don’t feel too bad, with how things are progressing I’m sure that you’ll get him next year time!


@Cloudfrog is under protection of the Abyssian Trinity Pact. He has earned it through great services in the airforce to the homeland of Shar. He will not have to repent.


…whispers, that’s all your false gods are. They live in the shadows creeping lurking, what prestige have they, what power have they?! The trinity’s power shines in full force for all to see, for all to fear, for all to admire…using the minions under the Trinity’s blessing to serve another is a sin you cannot run from.

And you…false idolatry will not go unpunished…



aand we’ve derailed yet another topic :stuck_out_tongue: does anyone have anything to say about the good ol’ Shinkage?


He is the shadow of a false god?