Boss Battle - Shinkage Zendo


beat him with brome titan just like other boss battle


You don’t need Painter and Zendo, like I said I didn’t play anything more expensive than rares.

Ranged, Mist Walking, Silhouette Tracer, Phoenix Fire. All you need


No removal? Git rekt kid




@ThanatosNoa, Community Agitator.

Also, I beat him first try with midrange Vaath. Held onto a plasma storm until I had two armadas out, one flash reincarnated, then vaporized his field and blew him up in two turns.


Things I learned in this boss battle:

  1. Bloodsworn Gambler can attack Panddos after the first hit.
  2. If Gambler kills the last minion with one of it’s attacks and attacks Shinkage afterwards, Shinkage doesn’t take damage. He has Damage Immunity for the whole attack turn of Gambler.


Beat him on my third try with an Abyssian swarm deck. Just need to keep two Shadowdancers tucked away in the corner and I got lucky that he summoned a Night Watcher right by my general. Only took 2 points of damage every turn. Then just spam out BBS + Furiosa and go in for the W


Dark Memes X: To the Memevault! worked like a charm :slight_smile:


Dunno what is this fuss about, but I killed him first try with budget ragnora otk. Spam so much rippers, he cant remove all, drop blood rage, profit


This guy is so hard he almost warrants a extra prize if you beat him 0_O. With saying that though this is still my favorite and most unique boss. I finally got him with gate to the undervault.


I actualy beat him on my first try with some common Vet Obelysk deck, i did have some nice cards in but never got to use them at all XD remember the first time i fought him a year ago, took me a long time then. I like to see me actualy getting better at the game and having a nice collection to use it.


my favorite boss, actually. took lots of tries when i met him last year, now i won on my 2nd try lol. sillhouete tracer, kolossus, and fractal replication do the trick


Inifinite Sarlacs still beat any boss easily. It’s good to know there will be no EMP :slight_smile:


Three times the charm :slight_smile:


BTW, does Shinkage move when GM Zendo is on board?


Nope :frowning:


Really? Are all bosses immune to Zendo, or just Shinkage?


Different bosses have different movement range. For example Boreal Juggernaut could only move 1 space and another boss I can’t recall could move 3. Shinkage Zendo has 0 movement (you can see this if you hover your cursor over him) so he won’t move from his spot even if he is under the effect of GM Zendo.


That makes sense. Thanks.


Took me about 10 matches to beat him but at last I managed :smiley: .
My key cards were: healing minions (Azure, Mystic, Aymara, Rescue-rx), Silhouette, Spelljammer and Nimbus. I tried to be as distant as possible while healing, drawing and placing obelysks (especially Lavastorm: with the right placing they’re amazing to smash his minions) or things that would spawn obelysks to out swarm him, with the help of LitD for big damage and S’SW to pose threats.