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Boss Battle - Shinkage Zendo

The Zendo Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, February 8th, 2:00 PM PST until February 13th,  2:00 PM PST 

Boss Battle - Shinkage Zendo

He has walked the path to oblivion and now, so shall you.

Join the fray and witness the ungodly power that Shinkage Zendo has tapped!

Surrounding Zendo is a field of Shadow Creep with a Darkspine Elemental at his side.

You'll start on the opposite side of the battlefield, slowly being pulled into Zendo's grasp.


"I'm being pulled to my death! Quick, what does Zendo do?"

When walking through the void, Shinkage Zendo learned of many abyssal arts.

He did not, however, forget how to lure the weak-willed into his grasp, and will continue to influence your General's judgment and actions.

In addition to this, he's developed a shroud of darkness, becoming immune to all damage as long as he retains control of a friendly minion.

Rid him of any potential allies and his shadowy form will become corporeal again!


"This sounds incredibly frustrating. Why would I bother doing this?"

If it bleeds you can kill it, and if you can kill Zendo, you'll earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!


Duelyst Boss Zendo Callout


Oh god, I remember now how painful this one was.

Been extra lucky and did it first try with standard Obleysk Vet.


this is my favorite boss. very challenging.
beat it 3rd try with this deck.





What is this, why am I being tortured, how many games has been already trying to beat him with midrange, arcanyst, ranged, forcefield even a budget Magmar and budget abyss swarmm?!

And ive only seen like 4 of his minions, beholder, kaido, night watcher and elemental.

Pls someone help me, I can’t take it anymore (sobs).

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Try Importing my deck above

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beat him with this list: [Songhai 2]MToxMjMsMzoxMDgsMzoxMjgsMzoxMzAsMzoxMzksMzoxMDk1NCwzOjExMDE0LDM6MTExMjIsMzoxOTA0NCwzOjIwMDg2LDM6MjAwODcsMzoyMDA5NCwzOjIwMTAyLDM6MjAzMjM=

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How do I import these codes, you can’t copy and paste them?

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New Deck --> paste the code in the field down at the bottom --> click on “Import Deck”

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You guys weren’t kidding about this dude. :^)

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Let’s just say there’s a reason we haven’t seen Zendo in about ~11 months :upside_down_face:


I did beat it first try with a Magmar Grow deck. Didn’t know how to remove his immunity until the end. Would have been a lot faster if he hadn’t OBSd my flashed Juggernaut.

Celestial Phantom is the best dude in Zendo’s list. He can give you really a lot of time with his 1 power.
This is also one of those boss battles where Thunderhorn shines (again… sigh~)

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I recall something about devs play testing bosses with basic decks. I wanna know who this developer is so we can worship them (or call them a cheater) :wink:


Umbrella likes to test these with basics+commons and I do super-templated/budget decks (“crafting” only Core Neutrals to share across 5 factions). Because I don’t play Songhai

We all test them with a variety of our own decks/memes too, so we can see the experience from different perspectives. But I believe it was @kronikle whom (almost?) bested this with the Lyonar starter.


Guys, I’m done, f*** this. I spend like 5 hours straight trying to beat when I have work to do! I don’t have the cards for mothergreen’s or Lel7’s decks.

You know, I can’t help but feel like almost every boss so far beats up on Songhai decks so hard compared to others with heavy minions. Sucks especially since I only have cards for Songhai.

I tried. Maybe some more on the weekend though.

Also, my hand is now bruised because I punched the wall too many times. Surprisingly though, not even a dent in the wall.



i beat it with evolutionary apex :tada:

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Nice one, but i’d argue it was theKraigon/Juggernaut combination that truly did it. Kraigon seems to be a hard counter to Zendo imo. Good thing when a Grandmaster is weak to another one.

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I actually find this boss to be easiest with Songhai. Just play tons of ranged, some healing/removal and then Silhouette Tracer.

Last time it came around I had to go Songhai to beat it, and I have like no Songhai cards, didn’t use a single epic or legendary.


Yeah, I played a ranged deck, was just about to win with all my buffed heartseekers/arrow whistler then…Quartermaster Gajj and no removal in sight.

Zendo is plain useless in this fight and Painter will just give him a minion that I can’t attack letting him be untouched forever. Maybe a Kage meme deck?

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My battle got bugged =(
I killed all the enemy minions, but the immunity continues. Evil Zendo!.
Before that, ive got some internet isseus. Maybe thats why.