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Boss Battle: Santa Claus in FALL!


I know I haven’t created threads for bosses I’ve reviewed before, but I hear people love to share their experiences facing them and need a place to talk about them.

So Merry Christmas in September!


Merry Christmas! While I haven’t faced this boss yet, I do have 2 tangentially related questions. Is there a way to play the old ones, without the loot crate of course? Are the bosses always new or are they on a rotation of so many bosses?

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Bosses are just rotating old ones. There hasn’t been new Duelyst content for quite a long time after all. There has been one or two polls somewhere to choose the upcoming bosses.

While you can repeat the existing boss without crate, I don’t think you can choose old bosses.

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So @humancalc already answered this (Thanks dude!)

All of our bosses are on rotation as of late, with community polls allowing you guys to choose what bosses you want to face off during for the upcoming month.

Polls are conducted on the second-to-last week of the month (and last a week), afterwards I’ll remove the top (and bottom) choices from the poll and rotate in new ones with the medians of the previous month. (This way, we’ll eventually go through all the bosses while avoiding more of the unpopular choices).

Hope this helps!


Interestingly, Keeper of the Vale can summon the elves even though they should be tokens.


Wow, that’s pretty thought-out. I admire the solution.


Just some September Christmas magic :slight_smile:


Note to self: Keep voting for Cindera.

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OK that Santaur Claws is really the bully, I had the hardest time.
Thunderhorns and Earth Sisters were necessary to keep its flood of minions to a bearable amount. It’s got a surprising amount of answers (Chromatic Cold and Hailstone Prison) to remove your champions. When you finally think you gained the upper hand, it’s Frostburn or Aspect of the Mountain and back to square one.

After a long and protracted struggle I finally managed to wear him off a bit, and I luckily drew two Bounded Lifeforces just in time to save my skin and feed him enough knuckle for 20 damage.
:weary: Phew.


@ThanatosNoa, to spice things up, is it possible for you to adjust the decks the bosses use. If you can’t access the actual cards of the deck and switch them around due to namco bully, maybe switching decks between bosses or better yet, you can switch the deck of a boss with one of the beginner decks. Hopefully since this is only affecting single player mode, it won’t be too big.

For switching cards inside the deck, I can’t imagine it would take much manpower or hassle for Namco to do this. The only complication I can think is if you switch around the cards on the boss, you would need new programming so that the boss knows what to do with the cards, but a possible solution for that would be letting the community write some of the code and then Q&A testing to make sure its nothing suspicious can be done during your or the other dev’s free time.

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That was actually one of the last projects I was working on when we did our last dev talk - revisiting and updating/upgrading bosses.

The plan was to have deck updates that matched the set rotations so that things felt fresh, especially as new cards were flowing into the game, along with custom cards (made specifically for boss encounters) - I think we got as far as prototyping some of the new cards but they were never finalized (in the sense that bosses knew how to use them appropriately).

I think the only thing we managed to salvage was the generic BBSs and where I assigned them to an appropriate boss and that was it :slightly_frowning_face:

Whoops, sorry for the off-topic answer :sweat_smile:

So the short answer is unfortunately no, as of right now we have no way to push changes towards boss cards. (So even if we did make changes, there’s no way to approve them and update the client to reflect those changes).

One of my goals for post-Godfall is to revisit my notes on bosses and see what else we can do; given an engineer with the appropriate dev environment, I’d like to update boss decks and perhaps finalize some of the prototype cards (although they’d probably have to reuse existing art assets).

The other hopeful endeavor was to create something like “Mythic” (Mythron?) level bosses, where each boss would get a Zendo treatment (and then we could do the opposite for Zendo). These events would occur “once a month” and are definitely not tailored for new players, but the hardcore boss enthusiasts (as our benchmark was beating it with an XXXX spirit budget deck).

Quick details for Mythic/Mythron/OhMyGawd mode would be:

  • Flipped board - Giving the Boss first player advantage (meaning they set up their board first, they get the first trade, and it randomizes the encounter because the board is no longer ‘static’ turn 1 for the player)
  • New decks - Removing alot of the trash/flavor of the deck in favor of more ‘meta’ defining cards, or underused power cards
  • New pre-existing units - I think we talked about giving the player some auxiliary stuff while the boss got more of the boss-exclusive creatures
  • Varied mana - this is highly experimental, but perhaps different starting mana, more or different position mana springs, etc

I think that should be doable, time will tell :crossed_fingers:


Well…here’s hoping you are able to achieve at least 60% of those goals!

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That sounds great, especially randomized encounters.

For the pre existing unit one, it would be so much cooler if we had rotation in effect so bosses could use cards from a set that is rotated out. Sucks that rotation didn’t work out really, with hindsight, I think it would’ve been better for the game encouraging more creative decks, maybe ditch the casual mode next time.

And I’m not sure if its a good idea but I think it would be cool if we could rotate out the core set too (assuming sets can rotate back in after a while) by taking half the cards in it that are considered to be popular/essential and make a new core set so that there is no complaints on the player side of “this should be added to core set because that faction has this” or “this card is the only thing propping up our faction so we need it”

The expansions after the first rotation can then be variants of some important cards being rotated out with core set number 1 or 2. It would allow for more variety since the cards that see a lot of play in game are usually from core set (at least 50%), you would be able to make a card that isn’t made immediately obsolete/redudant by something in the core set.

One example of this is healing mystic, rotate that card out and introduce something like 2 mana, heal for 1 damage, stats 2/3. Obviously its worse than healing mystic and maybe even a bad example, but yeah, opportunity to see some new artwork while battling and making players get creative with replacing such a basic 2 mana minion. Might even push the meta towards more aggressive decks without having that healing.

Does this matter in the overall goal of actually having people play the game? I don’t know, I can’t really think of anything for that matter of getting people in, I don’t know if I even want too many people in cause it seems like once a game gets popular, they start shitting on their community and start tripping on power.

Maybe mobile would help, advertising would be bad I think since everyone hates ads on principle, word of mouth is nice but it’s slow and hard if you don’t have the right resources. Going to gaming conventions like EVO or Paxx (idk many so I might miss some) and just having a booth manned by two people who play against each other on a big screen hoping people get interested. Don’t even try to sell the game to them like that if that makes sense, just play, say you love the game and you hope it gets more visibility, tell your friends check it out online, it’s free, no lootboxes, generous with cards and a small but friendly community!

I don’t know, it’s late and these are just my thoughts randomly typed out.


Smash Vaath won this one for me but it was really close.

With Nemeton I lost because I was 1 off on lethal :frowning: His BBS is really good.

Do you guys have an idea for a budget deck for this boss?


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