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Boss Battle: Rin the Wraithling Hoarder


On an all new episode of Extreme Hoarders…

Rin the Shadowsworn can’t seem to part with her wraithling collection, and it’s clogging up the battlefield. It’s up to [insert player’s name here] to help her part with her army of wraithlings.

Rin: “I don’t see what’s so bad about collecting wraithlings. Lilithe does it, so what’s wrong with me doing it?”

What Rin doesn’t understand is that Lilithe actually USES her wraithlings to win games. Rin, on the other hand, chooses to stick all her wraithlings in the back and watch her collection grow…literally.

The longer you let Rin’s collection stay on the board, the stronger her addiction becomes! That’s why you must do whatever you must to repress her cravings for wraithlings. But Rin has ways of getting what she wants. Many ways.

If you hit her, she gets wraithlings. If she hits you, she gets wraithlings. If you burn her, she gets wraithlings. If she plays certain cards in her deck, she gets wraithlings. If she uses her BBS, she gets wraithlings. Are you all picking up what I’m putting down? This girl has a problem! You need to stop her wraithling-hoarding ways!

Rin also hoards Boss Crates, so if you beat her, don’t hesitate to steal one. Or ten. Or just take them all. People don’t need them anymore anyway. Unless you’re hoarding spirit…

next episode of Extreme Hoarders

“Duelyst players hoarding SPIRIT?!”


Apparently gor-hate can overcome her wraithling hoarding ways.

I put down a gor and equipped chakram. She suicided all her minions into it.


That writeup was hilarious.


Kinetihorn for the resque.


Great text!

Shadow Dancer has some anti synergies with Rin :smiley:


Oculus Slag, Venom Toth, Shadowdancer.
Frenzy, Riftwalker & Naga for AOE.

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