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Boss Battle: (Re)-introducing Automaton 8


Welcome to the Automaton 8 Gym, where you will test your metal against this colossal transformer/Maehv wannabe. Here at this gym, your opponent will be utilizing rock-type minions. This is mainly because Automaton 8 has recently learned that golem vetruvian is really really good, and he is a filthy netdecker :sleeping: .

The boss will start with a golem vanquisher in play, foreshadowing the many golems you’ll need to vanquish throughout the game. In the early stages of the match, the boss will play some rocks. Once you get to the midgame though, they’ll start playing MORE rocks. BUT WAIT, it gets awesomer! Get to the lategame, and Automaton 8 will throw EVEN MORE rocks at you! In fact, I’m pretty sure Rock Throw is its only attack.

But if you thought Automaton 8 was only good at throwing rocks…you’d be right. But it also has ranged (REEEEEEEEEE!!!) . And if that’s not enough, the boss apparently hates watching you and your minions hold hands because its effect will punish any hand-holding you do with your minions. But because the boss is 50% Maehv, he will punish himself every time he hits something. This should lower its DEF stat enough for you to land a deciding blow!

If you manage to defeat Automaton 8, you will be rewarded with the Boss Crate Badge, which lets you open a Boss Crate outside of battle. You will also receive the TM for Rock Throw.

  • This is way better than the stuffy official “lore”

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Thanks for the Boss thread! I’m going to add it to the wiki.

My boss was smashed with Forcefield.


i just fought and defeated him apparently he cant deal with fault vetruvian i just dropped minion while i have a sand tile and it kept it from damaging me until i can play fault and kha


Suddenly, swarm Lil with lots of wraithlings and healing is an awesome choice here.


Ah congrats! I didn’t try swarm because I thought its ranged AOE would just make a mess of the wraithlings.
Also Happy Birthday!


I tried it previous time. With enough healing, it just killed itself very fast. Try to feed him maximum wraithlings and it’s done. Even faster if it decides to equip something.

Thx :wink:


Yeah Swarm works great. Some Wraithling swarms and Cryptos with BBS and the boss kills itself pretty fast.


I personally beat him with Arcanyst Wall Kara. Beat him on my second attempt.


Np. :wink:

My plan was to make one of these every week to replace the boss threads we used to have.

I ended up using Divine Liturgy. I guess swarm is just the flavor of the week for the boss battle.


This boss took a bit longer than most to beat for me. Up until my actual successful attempt, I am not aware that attacking him will still use his area effect attack back. So, I decided to swarm him with lots of minions to beat him, and it worked.

Should have made that clear from the start though.


It took forever for me to realize that the boss is himself a golem :o wondered why those bond effects kept on triggering.

Slayed him with infinite heal Vaath (had to use 5 Invigorations and two Finalities). Yes, his effect damages him on counterattacks too so cornering him was the key thing :slight_smile:


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