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Boss Battle: Professor Poopypants


Oh boy, this one’s a stinker.

Fellow Doolyers, it’s time for the next big boss battle! This time, you will be taking on the one and only Professor Poopypants. See, Poopypants is not properly potty-trained, resulting in him having…accidents on the battlefield.

This will be a recurring theme throughout the fight, as he will continue to poop all over the ground in all directions. And with the help of his Bastions, his crap will be much stickier and stinkier! On occasion, he will also pass gas with his BBS, further stinking up the field.

It doesn’t help that Poopypants uses dervish poops and farting obelysks, and with each passing turn, he will swarm more and more. If you don’t defeat him in time, you’ll eventually drown in the Brown Sea.

If you are able to deal with all his crap, you will be given a Boss Crate and a Potty Training License. Make sure to wipe off that Boss Crate before you open it though. You don’t know where it’s been!


In the immortal words of Zaowi



Poetry worth of legends for generations to come.

Edit: Friendly reminder that you start at 5 mana, which is the honest price of a brand new Deceptib0t! Don’t accept mediocrity, you are Deceptib0t worthy!


Holy shit.

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Friendly reminder that 5 mana is the cost of a flashed elder Silithar, invest now for doubling returns.


5 mana? Oh I will love to build my own Prof Poopypants deck for sure!

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More like Spoopedpants McCursed.

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This is an imposter! He looks nothing like the real Professor Poopypants and is just ruining his image! See for yourself:


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SPOILER: This one’s a stinker :wink:

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