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Boss Battle: Power Range-er


Hello again everybody! Are you ready for this week’s boss battle? No you’re not.

It’s time to face your doom at the hands of the Power Range-er. Guess what this boss does.

…yep. It uses ranged things! :smiley:

As you all know, ranged minions are the most powerful things to ever be created besides Magmar cards. They can hit you from anywhere, meaning there’s nowhere to hide! :sweat:

You can’t even use the almighty Wind Stopper to defeat him because his BBS can dispel anything he wants! And Crossbones doesn’t defeat him because he’s not a minion! Is there anything you can use to stop his ranged onslaught?

Fear not! Here’s the answer to all of your problems!

Once the Power Range-er goes under 16 health, this guy shows up. With Valiant’s help, all ranged minions will be rendered useless!

…wait a minute. This guy’s on the boss’s team!!! :sob:

And apparently the boss can’t take damage until you deal with Valiant. It’s like two bosses in one!

Defeating the mighty Power Range-er will earn you the Power Boss Crate! It sounds like it’s more powerful than other Boss Crates. You’ll be disappointed to learn this is not true. You will also receive all of the Wind Stopper and Crossbones cards you want. Never again will you be bested by a ranged minion!


Cancerous boss

Fortunately cancer can be fought with cancer

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Just saying Valiant doesn’t happen with 7 mana, they appear when Skurge falls below 16hp.


Oh, is that the condition? I’ll update the thread then. Thanks a lot. :grinning:


I guess the only damage they took before 7 mana when I faced them was from their own effect so I made the wrong connection. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah. I get that :smiley:

I tried surrounding Skurge and put them below 16 hp then thinking I could skip Valiant but it doesn’t spawn nearby, it spawns on a random tile then.


The way I see it
Step 1. Play Vet or Vanar
Step 2. Transform Valiant (Blood of Air or Aspet of X)
Step 3. General healing and damage immunity to outlast the boss

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One of the few bosses beatable with Mantra, if you tech in Onyx bear seal.

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This boss in a nutshell.


Great guide Boronian.


Thanks, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I also noticed that I have guides for 18 bosses now. That’s roughly half of them, 37 all in all.


On my second attempt, Skurge didn’t kill me even though it could have on its last turn.
It didn’t even attack my (not nearby) minion. That let me pass turn to win.

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