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Boss Battle: Paragon of Light – Duelyst

The Paragon of Light Boss Battle will be available on Tuesday, August 15th, 2:00 PM PDT until Sunday, August 20th 4:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle: Paragon of Light

To stand before the Paragon is to face absolute retribution. The closer it comes to defeat the more terrifying its power becomes. Light shall sear across the land to abolish all darkness before it. 🔆 The Sun Sister Sterope lends her aid to the Paragon in this fight. Though the Paragon appears injured, do not doubt the healing prowess of the Light! ![|1200x650](upload://zwI2dC5dbhx25nrNJPqKqsxbRL0.png)

"Who cares about healing - I'll overload it with damage!"

Take heed this beacon of the Light will not be snuffed out so easily. The closer to death, the closer it is to a true ascension, gaining new abilities such as Ranged, Celerity, or even Forcefield! ![|632x772](upload://ew616C2uzt6sdcBxscY57o2ZTA1.png)

"Why should I fight against the Light?"

The world isn't so black and white. If you can lay the Paragon to rest you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience! Are you worthy enough to survive retribution? ![|600x200](upload://eadG9KHhn0Sf6tL77O7UaQhAsKo.png)

and here i thought that it would spam battle pets and gain power from its mindless minions

was a cool boss, did not hold up well vs flytruvian though :smiley:

Everything about this boss fight only reinforces my dislike of trinity oath and the healing archetype. Sorry, nothing constructive to say. Thanks for the frustration.

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He’s really bad against vaath

I wish they used the Calculator sprite for an awesome Lyonar dragon, like this boss, instead of a garbage neutral.

Seriously, Calculator is strictly worse than nearly any card. Even its greatest trait, its neck length, is strictly worse than Serpenti.


put a sunriser near their general for an easy game

Won first try.
Healonar > Healonar
Beat light with light :grinning:.

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Fear the Army of Sand :slight_smile:


sunriser is the real mvp here, he doesn’t do anything about it!

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I beat it silly with Zi’Ran after taking a boatload of damage really fast. Thought it was funny to play a boss that runs like a Zi’Ran mirror. Was a first try event though. Like most bosses, I really like the idea of the skin being introduced later on. Far more interesting than the Calculator proper.

Yeah, because there aren’t enough on ladder :grimacing:


When it stops being a spiketrap of Vaath and Faie deck that want to care as little as possible about playing a game of Duelyst, maybe Zi’Ran mirrors will get under my skin.

Hey! Vaath plays doolyst at it’s most primal form!

Starhorn plays it at it’s almost Max eloquent form!

Personal opinion : I don’t care to see some overpowered decks/generals from time to time, what is a cancer is having to fight the same deck 1 out of 2 matches, no matter if well or bad piloted. Healyonar is the new Vanarcanyst.

Better to do 10 matches versus 10 different Generals and lose them all than doing 10 matchs with half of them versus Zi’Ran, no matter the result.

The only response I could have, is that I play an absurd portion of games against Vanar and Magmar. Perhaps it’s just the variance of the queue? The last time I saw data regarding it, Vaath, Faie and Cass are the most played generals in the game.

In terms of power, from the pilot’s seat, I haven’t experienced my Healyonar being particularly broken in the way that Arcanyst Faie or Meltdown Faie were. But, I suppose it’s just us being on different subjective ends of the same phenomena :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Here’s my decklist, incase you think I’m missing something particularly bonkers or broken about it.

Never said it was broken, read my message again, said it was rampant.


Fair 'nuff. Suppose it felt like more an implication in terms of the comparison to Arcanyst Vanar, which was rampant because of it’s absurd power compared to everything else.

Lots of different ways to get lethal, But once you get one you can see all of them. after 20 he gets ranged, 15 he gets Forcefield, after 10 celerity and 5 Flying.

The Forcefield scared me for about 4 seconds and then I was like okay no and started checking after every hit incase I needed some magic.

Also: a misplay would probably leave your board wiped so maybe difficulty level 4?

Edit: A Boss Like this absolutely should have had tempest and draining wave. Provoked Sinister silhouette sticked from turn 2.

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Ah… So this is what you dusted magmar aspects for… You traitor