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Boss Battle - Orias the Heretic!

I destroyed it with a lavastorm, set up my 3 fireblazes and then it was kinda free lol

Previously I used the cheesy Priestess tactics, this time I destroyed it with Tahr while dealing 8 dmg to everything around.

Gibbet ate the totem. There was another Gibbet inside!


Beat it with Songhai. The Backstab minions definitely enjoyed the idol, but it just had to go when the Flamewreath came along.


I left it up. I wanted to do something fun, so I built the fastest ramp deck that I could muster so I can get a rush Worldcore Golem to pound the enemy’s face in!

The animation was so satisfying, since it is my first time that I have used the golem!


Can somebody use Repulsor Beast to trap the idol in a corner and then surround it with ranged minions? I don’t have the deck to do that. :confused:

Actually, with Abyssian, you can do it T1 without moving forward by just whiping it behind you :slight_smile:

Works fine, but as it’s an opponent minion, expect to have a Diolta summoned near it and whack your face on next turn :smiley:


That’s why we should surround it with friendly minions. Demonic Lure and Wraithling Swarm would do; I think I should try it out.

I am losing the battle, trying to think of a good strategy to beat Orias. So i withdraw my general and cover him with some units and the legendary “Eclipse”, so there I am waiting my opponent to finish me as he is currently a 14/14 general and i have around 10 hit points, he comes closer and BOOM, he hits “Eclipse” and commits a most satisfying suicide to give me the win 5 hours before the Boss battle closes.

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