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Boss Battle - Orias the Heretic!

The Orias Battle will be available on Thursday, May 24th, 2:00 PM PDT until May 29th, 2:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle - Orias the Heretic

A thaumaturge so dangerous, even The Crimson Flame had to cast him out.

Orias has created a construct of unimaginable power, face him and his Idol of Invigoration!

"This looks easy, nothing can hurt me!"

Caution to those who would meddle with the thaumaturge's magic. His attack power grows as he inflicts damage throughout the fight. Yet he is not alone! Take notice of the Idol of Invigoration, for any minion can receive a Rush buff when summoned nearby. So sharpen your claws and polish your blades, the meek will not survive this confrontation.

"Seems like a big party, why am I invited?"

If you have the brawn (or brains) to destroy Orias, you'll get a whole Core Spirit Orb. Wait, that doesn't sound exciting. What about a brand new Boss Crate that's free to open!?

Crates have been redesigned so crack one open and see what's inside!

Duelyst Boss Orias Callout


mr hai p gud

That’s what’s printed on the card.

What happens, though, is that whenever damage is dealt (no matter to whom/what by whom/what) he gains +1 attack.

Discoverable ™ or bug ?


Card text is wrong :facepalm:


Can we make world core do 35 damage? Thanks in advance!


Fail to see how the BBS covers this boss’ weakness, if there even is any, but oh well. Also nice card text.

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Beat it first try with midrange Reva.

Deck doesn’t matter actually - Wild Tahr does.

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The bbs summons minions for them to die and for him to get buffs… I don’t know really, just pulling it out of thin air. Just think of the magma as his cult I guess.

Suggested card change:

Whenever Orias or his cult/army/minions damages an enemy, he gains +1 attack.

A god my a**
The real god is bugged wanderer,
I feel the super saiyan as I play


Whenever Orias or his cult/army/minions damages an enemy, he gains +1 attack.

That doesn’t appear to be the case either, if you hit a minion of his with 0 attack he still gets a +1. If you frenzy 3 of his minions he gets +3. It appears it should be if he or his minions takes damage he gets +1 attack.


You can’t dispel him, either. Can dispel the totem, though. Fun times.

Edit: 1st try.
Side note: Boss doesn’t know how to see lethal. He had me. He didn’t take lethal with my Worldcore Golem on the board. He opted for a provoke minion. Blood of Air won me the game.

This boss was a tough one for me. I think the addition of BBS is going to be really fun each week.

This guy was alreay one of the hardest and most unfair bosses and they give him a new BBS without increasing the rewards :confused:

Turns out forcefield eggs are invincible and Extinction guys have enough health to survive the high boss attack :grinning:.

Honestly I never noticed the boss had a new BBS…

For those of you who are lazy: Keep the Structure on the board. Place a Bloodtide Priestress beside it. Live the rush wraithling dream.
This time I also equipped Wraithling Crown to save time, but 100 spirit wins you this game.


Jax + Wanderer + Razorback kreygasm.

@ThanatosNoa Would it be possible to share with us the Boss’ BBS card image as well, so that we can add it to the wiki for extra neatness?


Not a bad idea, I’ll send it to Boronian and our wiki channels :slight_smile:



So, did you guys destroy the totem ASAP or leave it up?