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Boss Battle - Nahlgol!

The Nahlgol Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, March 1st, 2:00 PM PST until March 6th,  2:00 PM PST

Boss Battle - Nahlgol

Once guardian to a long dead king, Nahlgol was reanimated by a necromancer who sought to use him for his own gain. Gazing upon this necromancer, Nahlgol immediately drew his sword and slew him without hesitation, with it gaining the power to summon the spirits of his forgotten kingsguard. Nahlgol now forever wanders the Akram desert in search of his fallen king.

Prepare to fight an unending tide of sand, Nahlgol does not take kindly to intruders!

With an Oblivion Sickle in hand and two Bastions set up by his side, the waves of Iron Dervishes that will spawn from his Exhuming Sand will crush any opposition.


"Prepare to be engulfed by the endless stream of sand!"

A fight with Nahlgol is a fight to establish dominance.

As you create a board to contest the mighty guardian, he will bend the very battlefield to his will.

Try to close out the fight quickly unless you find yourself buried underneath an iron armada.


"Remind me why we invade Nahlgol's kingdom?"

Dethrone Nahlgol to earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!


Duelyst Boss Nahlgol Callout


Got it first try with the perfect deck (and draw), dozen Bloodfire Totems, hilarious :slight_smile:



First try as well, got lucky with replacing IF with MDS on my last turn to get the win.

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Beat him on my 21st try with the best deck created if its taken in a vacume.


Beat him on my first try with Observations of Dancing Sarlacs.
Beat him on my second try with a 56/56 Vorpal reaver… he tried to escape… but at some point he couldn’t throw enough Dervishes at him.

This boss could be really interesting if you would need to kill all other minions like with Shinkage Zendo.


Nah that’s hard mode

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Hard mode is trying to open the combo… Just look at my match history…

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creep still works :mysticup:

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Gor and Shadow Dancer and Sister made this one pretty simple. Watching the AI kill itself on a Spectral Revenant was rewarding though.

Easily destroyed him with my Maximum Frenzy Cass.

ez variax 15char

Went mech with this one, 2 Deceptibots and a Omega and the boss just stood there when omega was 28/28

Defeated him first try with @? songcanyst deck (I remember helping him in a workshopping deck and still have the final deck saved ingame, but I cannot for the life of me find the thread after 30 minutes of searching) after some workshopping. The AI in this boss battle was extremely incompetent missing several opportunities to finish me or clear my board as well as only doing one thing every turn despite having leftover mana.

Here is the replay for anyone interested:


The best part was stealing that BoA!

If i could have a cent for every pixel, i could aford a tele-dad deck when it was at it’s prime.

Edit: The image is no longer pixelated.

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As usual, boss does not comprehend Deathwatch and slowly commits suicide by killing my minions with two Shadowdancers active.

But the lore says he’s just a guard to a long lost king, not an actual king!

Also, game crashed when I played an EMP on him so I had to beat him twice with my backstab deck.

I uh
Everyone needs to sit down somewhere, sometime, right? What if it just happens to be a big nice chair, and you also coincidentally happen to kick said… person off said chair.
You’re a r00d d00d for kicking people off their chairs while they’re resting. What did Nahlgol ever do to you?


His name is too hard to pronounce so some chairs needed to be kicked.



you guys know what deck i play for bosses, right?


Wait, don’t tell me.

Is it Doom?