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Boss Battle: Most Intelligent Boss Of All Time! #notclickbait



Buckle up boys and girls, because this is a boss unlike any other you have faced before! You may be thinking that you’ll breeze through this boss with effortless ease. “They’re just stupid AIs who have no idea what they’re doing, and I’m a big smart person who can outwit stupid robots!” - (basically you). Well I’ve got news for you; this boss is smarter than you’ll ever be, and you wanna know why? This boss READS BOOKS!

That’s right! Orias the Heretic is the smartest boss this world has ever known! He’s a freaking GOD, and he does not give a f*ck about puny peasants like you! He harbors unrivaled intellect beyond the threshold of mere mortal minds. Through intensive studies, Orias has perfected the ultimate structure, capable of giving rush to any minion summoned in the nearby area. With this new architectural breakthrough, Orias has done what no man has ever accomplished, which is to unlock the latent potential of the greatest card of all time: Serpenti!

With Serpenti at his command, Orias has already demonstrated to be virtually invincible. But Orias himself also packs a devastating punch! If you read his effect, it will state that Orias gets stronger every time he damages an enemy. “But how can he damage anything with 0 ATK?” - (you again). Well as it turns out, Orias will get stronger every time he or one of his allies TAKES damage. That’s right, you have been fooled! Orias has bested you on a psychological level!

And Orias will continue to best you on all other planes as well. He’s heard the stories of how OP Magmar is, and so he has created the greatest BBS ever, which spawns three 1/1 Magmas with random keywords around him to help him harness the power of the strongest faction ever conceived!

With your psyche shattered and your spirit tattered, Orias will ready himself to write the final chapter in your inevitable demise, and the sooner you realize you’re no match for this superior, smarter-than-you book-reading guy, the sooner you can move on to tasks more manageable for mortals such as yourselves.

Now, let’s pretend there was a way to defeat Orias the Heretic. Maybe, somehow, you were able to outwit and overpower this divine deity. Maybe you watched the Dragon Ball Super series, and learned how to tap into Ultra Instinct to achieve powers beyond those of even a god. If this is you, then you will have the Divine Boss Crate bestowed upon you. It looks like a normal boss crate. It feels like a normal boss crate. It…it’s a normal boss crate.


I lost twice, before realizing that 2 SERPENTIS IN MY DECK ISN’T ENOUGH TO BEAT THIS BOSS

The 3rd one really helped the consistency of Xor.


T2 lethal


Won on first try with my latest Dying Wish deck.

Reaper of the 9 Moons died, providing me with an Orias-sourced Purgatos. I promptly equip a Furor Chakram and wipe his board while adding 3x3 damage to his bearded face.

The rest was on par, Deck Working Exactly As It Was Supposed To. :+1:

PS: added thread to the wiki.


An awesome writeup, @mrmana3!


Seriously, why is his text wrong?!

These new write-ups are wonderful, by the way. :slight_smile:


First try with XorXuul. Sarlac police didn’t let Orias continue to walk forward or hitting anything. Stupid Yun doesn’t know the laws in our Boss battles so they just hit poor Sarlac Police but don’t worry, where there is one Sarlac, there is always another one.


Back to the long debate: Idol, to kill or not to kill?


Definitely not to kill, don’t say no to #funandinteractive


Cheese tactics such as @terrarius’s or Worldcore Golem require the idol. :innocent:

But I prefer to kill it, mainly because I am not dedicated enough to design a strategy about it.


Speaking of which, I did t1 Lurking Fear + Carrion Collector into t2 Vorpal Reaver into t3 Vorpal Reaver + Void Hunter. Ez gg :slight_smile:


To Lure the Idol into your corner to not share it with anybody else seems a genius move :smiley:


The idol is not neutral though, it’s enemy.


That’s why Daemonic Lure works on it, right?


Yep so the boss can still summon his minions next to the Idol, unless you surround it.


The real question is if you mind steal a gate of the undervault, can you fractal replicate it???

:sweat: :thonk:


I’m boring. I dispelled the idol.


Excuse me, WHy does he have gate. Also no, you cant target it(unless in building form)


A beautiful boardstate


Looks like Christmas came a bit late for poor Orias… :stuck_out_tongue: