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Boss Battle - Megapenti!

The Megapenti Boss Battle will be avaiable on Thursday, April 26th, 2:00 PM PDT until Tuesday, May 1st 2:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle - Megapenti

Tired of nobody taking it seriously, Megapenti decided to hit the gym and bulk up so it could unleash a future that is Serpenti. Think you have what it takes to dance with the next evolution of the great marble snake??

In this fight, you’ll be greeted by the big boss Megapenti and one of the many great white Serpenti.

“Wait.. what do you mean, one of many?”

Well, fellow challenger, Megapenti’s unique ability will bless any minion it plays from its action bar with new life as a Serpenti. So prepare your deck for the upcoming feeding frenzy!

“But they’re so strong!”

If you are brave enough to fight the Megapenti and the knot of Serpenti you can earn a free Core Spirit Orb. Wait, that doesn't sound exciting. What about a brand new Boss Crate that's free to open!? Crates have been redesigned so crack one open and see what's inside!

Do you think you can survive against the onslaught of Megapenti?

Duelyst Boss Megapenti Callout


Gonna pretend this was released 2 hours later so I can say it was the best bday present I could have ever gotten.


Just want to put a link here. Good ol’ times:


This is amazing :joy:


Time to cheese the boss with hyper swarm :smiley:

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The infamous card game master Loliconartist vs the overlord and god of the universe. Megapenti.

I have no ego

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Yesss c’mooon


Heart of the cards pls bless me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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lethal from 23 hp with creep cass FeelsAbyssMan :mysticup:


Ayyyyy :smiley:

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i just had to :sirpenti:


Well I’ve just been out-cheesed :joy:

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If that Thunderhorn wasn’t friendly tho…


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