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Boss Battle: Mega-Serpenti


Long ago, there lived a Serpenti named Jeff. Jeff was mocked by his fellow Serpenti brethren for having a short neck. Demoralized by his peers, Jeff ran away from home, and vowed to become the strongest Serpenti who ever lived. After weeks of surviving off the land, Serpenti discovered a gem that would change his life forever. Upon coming into contact with this stone, Jeff underwent an incredible transformation, giving him unimaginable power! It was later discovered that this stone was a Serpentite, which lets a Serpenti undergo Mega-Evolution! For this reason, we now refer to this boss as “Mega-Serpenti”

Mega-Serpenti is a powerful foe, so powerful that he has earned the respect of his fellow Serpentis, and made them fight alongside him.

And just when you thought there were enough Serpentis to deal with, all minions Mega-Serpenti summons will be reincarnated as Serpentis in their next life if you let the eggs hatch. That’s a lot of neck. And if that’s not enough, Mega-Serpenti has a BBS. I’m not entirely sure what it does. It’s sort of an enigma to me.

Fortunately, Mega-Serpenti is what people may refer to as “dumb”. In fact, I was so triggered by his plays that I’m going to share with all of you my experience with facing him at the expense of my sanity.

As you can see, he’s bigger than me AND starts with a Serpenti on board, so I’m already triggered. And that’s before he’s even done anything stupid. Now, witness the expertly-placed rock pulverizer!

Everything I know about positioning gets thrown into question here. Backlined rock pulverizer just makes me want to uninstall on the spot. And then Mega-Serpenti decides to run his 1-health minion onto my creep tile ok this is actually a next level play, forcing me to ping it or else jammer becomes a Serpenti

But then in the same turn, he decides that milling for no reason is a good idea! You’ll draw to a full hand at the end of the turn Mega-Serpenti dammit!

Finally, after being Doomed, our bronze-level boss friend decides that it’s much more important to clear this 1/1 wraithling. I think I became stupider simply watching this event unfold in front of me.

If you are able to tolerate watching Jeff redefine what it means to be stupid, you will be compensated with a Boss Crate. It won’t heal the mental scars but at least you won at a video game, which is very important.



For me, Mega-Serpenti spent half the game chasing gor…



Must kill annoying purple thing





Love your write ups. My Serpenti just watched Sarlac standing around. It probably had something to do with the awesome Pax skin :smiley:



I heard you like Serpenti…



I love seeing boss beating themselves when i i make abyssian trial into shadowdancer, i can sleep, eat … doing my works and i will get a crats :slight_smile: i love these ai XD


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