Boss Battle - Malyk (Sept. 2018)


Boss Battle - Malyk

Cursed with boundless ambition, this master of the dark arts is willing to share its power to see if you can handle what lies in the shadow of your potential.

On the field is a grinning Spelljammer, eager to unleash the energies of Chaos.

“This is already spooky, but there’s worse isn’t there?”

The dark master certainly has something to gain from helping you. For if your potential is exceeded, your energies will overflow and Malyk will siphon them to summon his abyssal minions.

Soon his shadow army will multiply and Malyk will be unstoppable.

“Why is it always me who have to deal with such creeps?”

Someone has to do it and you’ll earn a free Core Spirit Orb . In addition to this, you’ll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened immediately for another free Orb, Spirit and a cosmetic item. Each Orb contains an assortment of cards sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!


This one was fun times!
Ultimately I went full Arti-Sajj Trial, complitely dedicated to get NOSE asap (thanks @alplod, I was inspired by a list you shared time ago) putting EVERY artifact available.
Combining artifacts gives you the chance to generate minions and threats, specifically using Thunderclap+BBS+Wildfire Ankh, or Oblivion Sickle+Ankh+healing (Azure/Mystic), and of course Spinecleaver, as the boss likes to spam minions with low hp enough for you to kill them with BBS from a safe distance (Ankh) or just safely with Iris Barrier.
Zephyr also was pretty good in combo with Clap/Cleaver.
Then, as NOSE comes down it’s just a walk in the woods onwards.


Swarm abyssian works pretty well with him


I had the toughest time. For some reason I embarked myself in a Strategos quest thinking I’m going to use the Boss as a draw engine… And had the hardest time figuring out the balance of my deck to avoid the damage that comes from running out of cards (and the Decimus / Tectonic Spikes / Dark Seed etc.)

Clearly there must exist better approaches.




Pretty fun boss to play against. I beat him with Obelysk Vet. I think I also got decently lucky that I got Lavastorm Obelysk in my opening hand to quickly kill his threats, as he liked to place them on the same rows as my Obelysks. :smiley:


I think I missed this boss the first time around. It was fun, first I went out with Starhorn unbeknowst to his powers, which obviously turned out to be a pretty horrible choice :smile: My new Faie build did the trick in the end.


I just can’t beat this boss. Hardest one yet (for me at least), and Juggernaut doesn’t even insta-win him like every other boss. :scream:

Can someone show me a Magmar, Vetruvian, or Songhai deck that can easily take this beast down?


Comma between ambition and this

The grammar gets worse as I read it :wink:

This was a pretty fun boss. I was initially surprised that minion summons from your bbs don’t trigger the card draw, but it was fun nonetheless!


I threw together a common / uncommon / rare version of SpellHai(since I destroy all other rarities from this faction). It worked on the 2nd attempt.


The list! Please!


Somehow this boss battle doesn’t load for me. I’m waiting 15 minutes already, and nothing.

Edit. Oh, and now it stopped with “reconnect failed” message.

Edit 2. Twice.


Beat him with walls.


That is clever. Pricey deck, but probably very relevant against him.


Malyk is exceptionally generous with the orbs:


Mandrake dance of dreams without dance made short work of him.


False. I got three rares.


slow whistles


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