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Boss Battle (Legion)


I wanted an easy win with Flaming Stampede but I didn’t have time to reach 8 mana. Gilaloth trampled everyone before that. :sweat_smile:

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#MagMurder :skull_and_crossbones:

Did it with Swarm Budget Abyssian but they didn’t play any Breath of the Unborn, luckily for me.

Did it also with Vaath on a budget. https://i.imgur.com/jTw3YAe.png

You only need actually Plasma Storm and 2 Kolossus, after that you only have to stop the general one from running away, kill the 4/8 (+2 to all Legions), then Plasma Storm and kill the General Legion with one hit.


Did the Boss BBS Ethereal Wind always work differently than it says? It summoned 2 dervishes, one on the spot of the dispeled enemy and one nearby.

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I might be wrong as this is the first time I tried that, but it seems that if you manage to Nether Summon one of the “bosses” it no longer resummons. You can also Dagona them which achieves the same.


I experimented with the boss a bit and here is what I discovered:

Copying or stealing a Legion will prevent that one from respawning as long as it lives.

Legion is apparently effected by Nether Summoning as noted by Zerounderscoreou (despite being tokens?). Since I’ve noticed similar behavior before it may be that all boss exclusive minions are not treated as tokens, will need to be tested in future boss battles to be sure.

Dagona didn’t prevent Legion from respawning for me.

Friendly Legion will take command in their own hands should you fall in combat:

We ArE lEgIOn

Lastly, Legion runs Doom :snowchaser:


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