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Boss Battle: Legion

Everyone, this might be the most terrifying force we have ever encountered. Quiver in fear as you behold the awesome might of Legion!

Legion is a 3 mana 3/2 lyonar minion. It also adds a Crestfallen to your action bar when it hits the field.

Be careful though, because Legion is an intensify minion, so with each time one appears on the field, it can add an additional Crestfallen to the hand. The first legion you play gets you 1 Crestfallen. The second one gets you 2 Crestfallens and so on. If you play enough Legions, you can have all the 1/2 Zeal: Provokes you want.

Legion is great for helping you keep a large hand size, and can help protect you with its little provoke tokens. As a common rarity card, it’s easily accessible to even the newest of Duelyst players. Recommended decks to incorporate Legion include Grand Strategos decks, which use the generated tokens to progress your trial completion, as well as Wizard Lyonar, which uses the tokens as replace fodder, and help make sure you don’t run out of steam.

There are ways to defeat Legion though. One such method is to take your general up to Legion, and punch it. This method may prove ineffective if your opponent has placed a Crestfallen in your path. In that case, you will be required to punch the Crestfallen first. Pay close attention, as the Crestfallens only have Provoke when next to their general. If they’re not next to the general, you won’t be provoked, and you will be able to punch the Legion in the face. Other methods of beating Legion include any card that deals at least 2 damage, like True Strike or Crimson Coil.

Defeating Legion is no easy task, but if you do, you will win one Boss Cra…oh crap! This isn’t the card I was supposed to talk about! Why would the people who make this game even give a boss the same name as a minion?! How did I not realize I was mixing up the cards as I was actively discussing the Lyonar minion instead of the boss?

sigh well the good news is that no one has to see this thread. As long as I don’t post this thread by accident, everything will be fine. And honestly, I doubt anyone who reads the forums will be able to tell the difference anyway. Ok, now let’s just delete this thread and make sure it never sees the light of day.

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Out-of-context :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Legion is furry bait.

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Nobody talks about why Legion is thrusting his pelvis forward like it’s a nuclear threat?

Boss Battle: Legion [gone wrong] [gone meta]

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