Boss Battle - Legion (August 2018)


Boss Battle - Legion

A being not quite machine, not quite organic, Legion can divide its strengths amongst multiple clones of itself.

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They are Legion, for they are many (four, actually).

And as numerous as they are, they will continue to throw themselves upon you like a ceaseless tide.

Ready yourself, for you’ll need to be as vast and widespread as they are in order to defeat them.

Duelyst Boss Legion Battlefield
Legion-Battlefield.png1200x650 570 KB

“As long as one remains, all remain?”

Get ready to cover all corners of the battlefield!

Legion is made up of 4 unique pieces, each providing boons to the others.

However, you’ll need to synchronize your kills since they’ll restore each other.

Duelyst Boss Legion 1 Card\ 409x500
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Duelyst Boss Legion 2 Card\ 409x500
200333.png632x772 126 KB

Duelyst Boss Legion 3 Card\ 409x500
200233.png632x772 125 KB
Duelyst Boss Legion 4 Card\ 409x500
200433.png632x772 127 KB

Supplementing their incredible array of powers, Legion can cast Ethereal Winds, and disrupt your attempts at reaching them.

“This sounds troublesome, what’s in it for me?”

Purge Legion from this plane to earn a free Core Spirit Orb . In addition to this, you’ll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened immediately for a random Orb, Spirit and a cosmetic item! Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!

Duelyst Boss Legion Callout


Fun boss, i had a feeling it’d be a tad bit too eqsy for Xor, but difficult enough for lyonar.


can you just kill the attack one and plasma them? since they are minions


Not sure it would work. The game data has them as

"category": "unit",
"faction": "Boss",
"type": "General",
"isGeneral": true,

Edit: That’s just the general. Others are minions.





Thsnk you


Somebody can’t handle eggs in the morning…


One of them was a general (lower right) rest were minions. I won with Drybone Golem and Decimate.

Edit: Went back with a modified deck. Two turn victory.




While you can’t steal yhe general, the minion versions of legion you can steal :wink:


With Strategos, its pretty easy.


Well g0sh guys, I’m sorry for not using mythrons for the boss. I’ll just be taking my provoke deck somewhere else I suppose :triumph:


Really fun boss and probably the one that has taken me the most attempts in a while.

The AI works surprisingly well in this one but baiting all four bosses into a Frenzy-vulnerable position did the trick for me.

An Azure Herald with Below was the MVP, he then killed all four guys with the aid of Greater Fort and Diretide.


How does Rev work with this boss?


One of the Legions counts as a general and the others count as minions. All of the Legions have a Zir effect so whenever you kill the general Legion another Legion takes the general’s spot. To answer your question, this means Revenant will deal 4 damage to the Legion general just like he always does.


Okay so that was actually a good trick :slight_smile:
Also, you start with 5 mana! That’s not too far from a Flaming Stampede, which is a insta-win button.


So Frenzy Rev is probably useless. Good to know.


Just run Ice Age and you’ll be good.



Trial Maehv was pretty strong here. Again.

Just sacrificed Night Shroud 3 times and it’s done.


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