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Boss Battle: Le


Hey everybody! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Q4. To celebrate, here I am providing some “content” for y’all!

This is Le, former resident of the Destiny Islands. Rumor has it that Le was the one originally destined to wield the almighty Keyblade, until Sora came in and ruined everything.

and then everybody got keyblades and it was all weird and nobody really knows what’s going on anymore

Le took it upon himself to claim the Keyblade for himself, and he’s prepared to do it by any means necessary! He will constantly be draining the life out of you and will try to get you to submit to the darkness!

His BBS gives him the power to spawn Heartless from the shadows! Be careful, they may just look like ordinary 1/1s, but they’re actually…ok they’re ordinary 1/1s.

On top of that, Le has assistance from his right hand man: Ancient Grove!

Ancient Grove has a terrifying power. Since he is a tree, a symbol of life, it only makes sense that he have the power to spawn Nobodies, one of the farthest things from life. After Le’s minions perish, their bodies are left behind and become vessels for these vile creatures!

They may just look like ordinary 1/1s, but they’re actually ordinary 1/1s with PROVOKE!

You’ll have to channel your inner Keyblade Wielder if you want to win this fight. If you emerge triumphant, you will receive one Boss Crate and become the Keyblade Master! The Boss Crate is sealed shut by a Keyhole, and will only open to someone truly worthy of harnessing the Keyblade’s power!




God this boss is not nice.
Finally tuned a deck that could play on par with healing and deathwatch, and only won because he didn’t draw the Chromatic Colds.

An early Deathfire Crescendo on a Sarlac managed to do the trick.

SWORN DEFENDER is a card you should look into whatever your deck is!


Did it with this budget deck:

Godhammer can be cut to save spirit but every Godhammer gives +2/+2 to Sarlac which can be nice. It isn’t a must have though. I also didn’t get any Guargantuan Growth but could be a fun card here.


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