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Boss Battle: Kakashi

Everyone, meet your new boss and sensei: Kakashi. Legend has it that he has copied over 1000 jutsus in his lifetime, and if you’re not careful, he will copy yours too! :sweat:

Kakashi manages to copy every minion you play using the power of his Sharingan. That’s right! In this game, you are your own worst enemy! Here’s the catch, though: his copies only have one health, making them easier to kill.

…or so you might think!

He’s not the 6th Hokage for nothing! Kakashi knew that his clones wouldn’t be much of a challenge with only 1 health, and so he has performed his newly-perfected Duelyst Structure Jutsu, which summons a Bastion to his aid at the start of the game.

If you wait too long, his swarm will overwhelm you, so you have to think fast like a true ninja if you want to defeat him! or distract him with a copy of Make-Out Tactics

If you defeat Kakashi, you will become the next Hokage and he will teach you the Boss Crate Jutsu! It uses up so much chakra that you’ll have to wait until the next Boss Battle to do it again.


Bamboozled by the title, cheerful with the description.

… I just got baited into this thread, take your heart @mrmana3


I thought I was smart to play Creep and Abyssal Juggernaut, but his shadow copy of Abyssal Juggernaut DID NOT end up at 1 health. False advertising.

It was just as big as mine PLUS the bonus he got from his own creep tiles. Greedy. Grade: F- will not summon again.

On the other hand, the Chirpuka mess was gleeful.


Nice writeup!

Did it with the same budget deck I used for Malyk some time ago. A budget Swarm Lilithe deck.

It was kinda close but Wild Tahr oneshotted Umbra.


Is it possible to learn this ability?


I don’t have many great cards so if you’re just starting, I found if you use chakri avatar and buff it with spells like killing edge and other, it’s an easy fight


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