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Boss Battle - Kahlmar the Spell Eater

The Kahlmar  Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, February 15th, 2:30 PM PST until February 20th,  2:00 PM PST 

Boss Battle - Kahlmar the Spell Eater

An adept mage by any account, Kahlmar is known over the world for being an accomplished assassin of magic practitioners. Earning the nickname 'Spell Eater', Kahlmar possesses a unique talent for absorbing the spells cast against him and using them to grow stronger.

Enter the battlefield and meet the magic assassin Kahlmar!

A courageous Pureblade Enforcer holds the front, ready to flourish at the sight of any spells.

Arm yourself with Artifacts and trustworthy Minions, or pack a few spells to feed Kahlmar if you dare!


"Spell Eater? What do you mean, you can feed this guy spells?"

Kahlmar does not literally eat spells, but he does transmute yours into Keywords for his own benefit.

These Keywords are then regurgitated to the minions he summons, making your magic your own worst tools!

But there's a caveat to impressive feat: your own minions can benefit from Keywords on your own General.

It's time to dust off some old Artifacts and bring in your favorite supporting troops into this battle!


"All for one, but it's one for all? My hero isn't ready for this!"

Be the inspiring leader your minions want you to be! Lead them to victory against Kahlmar and you'll earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!


Duelyst Boss Kahlmar Callout


Looks like the work for artifact Sajj.

Or for the stupid neural network combo.


Kinda wondering if bloodrage mask can stack with this? Then with 4 winds, Sarugi and Hogi, meme time galore. Someone test this pls

inb4 discoverable gif

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There’re no keywords in THIS mask.

Bangle and Cyclone, however…


Boss isn’t available yet

Why? Well, read the tweet it came with :wink:

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What about the patch? Any patchnotes?

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You know the answer!



Making sacrifices for pagan gods asking for Thunderhorn nerf


giving it 1 less attack I presume

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make it a 3/4 i hope



Keep this on topic :eyes:

Save your comments for the patch notes! We direct players here to learn about how to fight this boss :upside_down_face:


Asked for this in another thread, post got deleted, learned my lesson.


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Did it first try with Big Boyz, was really fun.

The hardest part was to see the screen through my warm tears from Frostfire Mode removal :cry:


Easy win with titan deck

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Fun boss, his ranged celerity shenanigans were a tough beat, but were managable for the most part. He ended up killing himself with a double Hamon though so that was nice

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suicidal thoughts these bosses


sucidal thoughts times infinity playing these bosses as Songhai

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Finally a boss, I will have to make a special deck for. Neither Infinite Sarlacs, nor Artihai works obviously.


This boss is pretty much mince meat for any faction if you build an artifact deck.

Vet has blast, +attack
Magmar has frenzy, +attack
Lyonar has Titan
Songhai has ranged, celerity
Vanar has +attack
Abyss has +attack
Neutral has Grove Lion (forcefield)

Side note: I have not tested all the artifacts so I don’t know what transfers over exactly such as Vanar’s winterblade or Abyss mindlathe

Every faction has artifacts that can be used in this boss fight to win, the point I am trying to make when I say that Songhai has the roughest time taking down recent bosses is that just using the faction’s standard decks will get you rekted whether it is the starter deck (like the dev’s playtest with) or with the niche decks of each faction (aggro/burn, mid-range, control) more than you would be with other factions.

Why did you say sarlacs, do they work in this boss fight, seems counter intuitive.


No they don’t. But usually most bosses get rekt by them.