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Boss Battle: Jack Doolington


Happy Halloween, fellow Duelysts! Doolers? uh…Duelysters? shurg

Are you ready for thrills, chills, and spook-tackular spills?! Well fear not ,or do fear, because Jack Doolington is here to satisfy!

Jack is here to haunt you for the entire week, and he’s got plenty of tricks up his sleeve! His minions assume the form of Watchful Sentinels, all waiting for you to fall into Jack’s traps!

If that wasn’t bad enough, Jack has the power of the undead on his side! He summons spooky Haunts when you damage him, and they each curse you in their own way!

Something you might notice is how these Haunts have the same Dying Wish. don’t ask how undead spirits can die Since all of Jack’s Haunts draw him 2 cards, he not only supplies thrills, spills, and chills. He also supplies mills!

But Jack isn’t all about tricks. In the true spirit of Halloween, Jack brings treats to the table as well. They come in the form of the most cuddly creature of all time: the Candy Panda!

Candy Pandas come with any number of delightful goodies! Some help you cheat heal you while others give you “spooky strength”.

Whether you’re tricking or treating, Jack Doolington has something for everyone! If you defeat him, he will treat you to a Spooky Boss Crate! It comes with delicious, but not so nutritious, Candy Pandas. They come in 3 flavors: White-Knuckled Chocolate, Scare-amel, and Marsh-not-so-mellow.


I found using phalanxar (buffing with greater fortitude and primordial gazer) along with provoke makes the fight super easy)

You can also use anything with grow,


Defeated it with standard budget Abyssian Swarm though the Shadow Dancer can only be used as a finisher, so maybe rotate them out?


Just wore it down a little and blew it to kingdom come with Artifact Vet

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Petition for Candy Panda skin to be released for OBS.


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