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Boss Battle IN 2019!: Malyk Ishtar


The Rare Hunters have taken over Duelyst, and their master, Malyk Ishtar, won’t rest until they have obtained the legendary meme cards! You must stop him at all costs to ensure that these memes don’t fall into the wrong hands!

The meme cards hold immeasurable power in Duelyst, allowing anyone who plays them to have fun playing the game. You see, Malyk plans to keep all the fun to himself, and if no one else is able to have fun, Duelyst will die! Only by defeating him in a Shadow Game can you protect the meme cards, and return joy to the ladder!

In this duel, Malyk will enlist the help of his Rare Hunters, which we will refer to as “Ooz”.

The Oozes will aid the Shadow Game by making it more shadowy…and creepy. Other than that, they’re basically just mindless zombies here to do Malyk’s bidding. In fact, Malyk will have plenty of mindless battle pets to play during the game in his quest to find the great meme cards!

Unlike the Oozes, whose greatest contributions to the fight will be bashing their faces into stuff, Malyk has his own means of getting what he wants. He’ll draw all the cards out of your deck searching for memes. Spelljammers, Blaze Hounds, even Decispikes! He’ll do whatever it takes to attain his goal! Try not to mill, as every card you drop will be reincarnated as an Ooz!

Winning this Shadow Game will send Malyk Ishtar straight to the Shadow Realm, and will earn you the Millenium Boss Crate! Whoever controls the Millenium Boss Crate will have power over all memes! It is a great responsibility, so only a true memer can harness its power.


Added this thread to the wiki!

Rizen is the card you want in your deck to easily beat this Malyk boss.


Beat the boss with this list, but would definitely change SotW for Aspect of the Wyrm now that I finished the fight. Also Wind Stopper was the MVP here. To deny them two face damage for multiple rounds was very important, especially since they managed to deck me out. Would have probably died way earlier without the Wind Stopper. Never would have guessed to write this LuL


Xor’Xuul came through like (almost) always.

Rizen is a great card here though. Thunderhorn also works well.


Beat him with my anti-Boss creep list. For some reason he thought luring a 12/12 Abyss Juggernaut to next to his face was a good idea :smile:


@bepoest great idea to add the separate forum and reddit threads to every boss page itself.


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