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Boss Battle - High Templar Kron

The High Templar Kron Battle will be available on Thursday, April 19th, 2:00 PM PDT until April 24th, 2:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle - High Templar Kron

Before his descent into madness, Kron was once the most revered templar within The Crimson Flames. Not content on simply eliminating heretics, Kron had an unusual talent for subjugating his enemies and breaking their wills until they were under his complete control.

You have been hunted down by the Inquisition of The Crimson Flames!

The High Templar Kron is escorted by a Ruined Slave and a Toiling Vassal, but he's ready to recruit more given time.

“Recruit more...what?”

Recruit more prisoners! After bending them to his will, of course.

High Templar Kron has perfected the art of interrogation and will take your beaten minions as his own.

Amongst the many teachings The Crimson Flames have bestowed upon him, Kron has also learned to mold mana.

Prepare for an onslaught of prisoners and spells!

“Avoid becoming one of Kron's prisoners, got it. Anything else?”

Don't just run, if you defeat High Templar Kron you'll get a whole Core Spirit Orb. Wait, that doesn't sound exciting. What about a brand new Boss Crate that's free to open!?

Crates have been redesigned so crack one open and see what's inside!

Duelyst Boss Kron Callout


Remember when I put a bounty on this boss if you beat it with Dance of Dreams?

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Nobody expects the Inquisition of the Crimson Flames!



Thank you


and how would you pay up said bounty?

EZ boss

it doesnt understand what creep tiles and will kill itself on them

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Zir’an blowing the game out of the water as usual. Flash Frostfire caught me my surprise, but my Sunriser didn’t give two shits.


Core orbs.

what the actual fuck


and i thought 5 mana dominate will was fucked up already

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One of the bosses that makes infinite Sarlacs unplayable. Solo Reva though…

I just can’t remeber a boss except Dark Zendo that makes both these tactics bad against it.

This boss gave me a pretty cool idea. What if we had a boss with no special abilities, but is able use pre-nerfed cards? It can use 3 damage Tempest, 2 damage CC, 4/9 Lavaslasher, 3 mana Tiger, 3 mana Enfeeble, and so on.


Celerity Foxes horror alive again…


What’s that? I’m not too knowledgeable on how the meta was like on the seasons I took a break on. But yes, either way, the boss should abuse whatever it is the best he can. :smiling_imp:

Before it became 2/4 that gives phoenix fire, it was

5 mana
OG: summon a copy of this minion on a random space.

If I recall it correctly. I may be mistaken in details, it was too long ago.

You can imagine how good is double celerity minion with 3 atk in Hai. It was meta defining. Nothing could stop it. Also, inner focus 0 mana…


My Abyss decks died at this boss, so I got revenge by making a not-so-smol and angery Vaath deck. Threw in some healing cards and bam ez.

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I was having trouble with this but thanks to a super lucky attack with thunderhorn I took all of his shit out and flipped it for the win :grin:

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Played nose…Transformed all his prisoners into Totems

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