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Boss Battle - Harmony (August 2018)

Boss Battle - Harmony

A paragon of order and unity.

Those in its presence are blessed with a deeper connection to all life.

When Harmony falls Dissonance rises.

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Strive for perfect balance in this match against Harmony!

You’ll be greeted with a Khymera and a Kolossus on the battlefield, so try to set up the best board you can.

Harmony is waiting for you on the other side, just remember to play nice, he may have karma on his side.

Duelyst Boss Harmony Battlefield
Duelyst-Harmony-Battlefield.png1150x625 520 KB

“Free minions? How does he fight back?”

Harmony is here to provide tranquility to everyone, he will welcome and harbor all and any beings.
Duelyst Boss Harmony Card
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All Minions cost 0 mana. You’ll both be able to summon as many luxurious minions as your deck allows, for free!

Measure yourself with his vast intellect, but be careful for Harmony knows a lot more than most do.

Keeping that in mind, sharpen your swords or claws and get ready for a big brawl.

“This sounds too easy, where’s the bait?”

Just remember that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! No, wait that’s physics.

Well, if you beat this boss you’ll earn a free Core Spirit Orb . In addition to this, you’ll also earn a free Boss Crate, containing Spririt, a cosmetic item, and another free Orb! Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!

Duelyst Boss Harmony Callout


I’m on mobile rn so I can’t check, but does anyone know if discordn’t is a purchaseable skin?


I only see Harmony in the Shop, no Dissonance.


This one is probably my favorite boss. It honestly wasn’t too hard but the whole gimmick is neat and the first time I fought him I didn’t know what to expect so I completely set myself up to get destroyed. Edgelord sacrificial OP-ness came through… unsurprisingly… again…

Funny moments… Memnevore running him out of cards… then… running me out of cards.
The Chimera giving me some pretty awesome stuff… lol… yeah… that…
Xor-Xuul … he’s a cruel demon… ouch…


It’s both the dream and night mare of flying vetruvian to be playing against him

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I remembered that he will respawn after death as something. But I didn’t remember exact abilities of its second form.

Too good I decided to play Artihai for some reason :rofl:


I had fun with Orbrider, Swirly Boi and Dust Drinker. Got a Mechaz0r from Khymera, used Synaptic Arbitrage on it on the turn I kill Harmony and got it back. SeemsGood


I had no idea how difficult this boss could be prior to this fight and really thought it was an incredibly easy fight


oh :sob:


hahah nice :smiley:

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That is absolutely hilarious. :rofl:

If you surround him before you kill him his second form can,t spawn and he dies before he can turn your minions against you


i just xor xuld him and waited for him to spawn a bunch of stuff…i for one welcome portal guardian in my xorxul (gets so much attack so quick) :sirpenti:


Well, I have just beaten this boss in a rather intense game, but not in the way I have planned out.


At first, I thought that I can lure him to summon a bunch a minions so when they all turn against him, I will have a nice army to beat him with.

Unfortunately, no one told me he had Circle of Desiccation when I gave him that Ghost Seraphim. Whoops.

Then I realized that my original strategy of swarming the board with Echo Deliverant + Replicant + Ghoulie wouldn’t have worked since I forgot that his second form has frenzy, which would destroy all of those mechs before I can begin to touch him.

So, all I have left is to just kite the second form with various smaller minions and the BBS until I was able to land the killing blow. Just goes to say that improvision when all else fails is a very useful skill in Duelyst…


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