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Boss Battle - Grym the Vengeful

The Grym the Vengeful Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, November 2nd, 2:00 PM PDT  until November 7th,  2:00 PM PST

 Boss Battle - Grym the Vengeful

After having fallen in battle to an Abyssian priestess, the rogue Magmar Grym was cursed to be reborn with corrupted flesh and an unquenchable hunger for death. Uncaring of the lives of others he feeds on both friend and foe alike to feed his rage.

Grym Animation

Do not let the squeamish or faint of heart enter, Grym will hunt them down and feast on the warmth of life.

Although this den may look barren, it has been the resting place of many foolish and brash warriors.

Grym Battlefield


"A duel with Grym seems simple enough"

Gyrm's fall to the Abyssian priestess did not leave him unaccompanied. Within his frame of bones and flesh resides a yearning for rebirth. He will beckon others to his aid, and consume their lifeforce as soon as they cease to exist.

The consumption of souls is not a peaceful journey, and through Grym those spirits will lash out at their assailants.

This cycle of life and death only serves to fuel the rogue Magmar with reinvigorating energies, so do your best to keep the casualties on both sides low.


"Why should I get involved?"

Release Grym from a painful afterlife to earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!


Grym Callout


i dont know why i was expecting deathwatch

Holy CRAP he heals for so much! Gor is awesome for his ability. I love the Magmar/Abyss lore combo!

so what youre saying is…

healyonar op?

yup beat it first try

healyonar op.

9 attack ziran laughs at your skull prophets

Quickest boss battle I’ve ever done. Not sure if I was good or just lucky.


it only counts if you get lethal with a priestess

is it just me or did he not play ANY spells?

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Put Crimson Oculus on field, win game.

He has Tectonic Spikes I think.

Beat him with Zirix Obelysk, probably the hardest boss fight in a while.

huh. its weird that he played tons and tons of card draw
lots of blaze hounds. some void hunters. tectonic spikes

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Beat him first try with budget, ghetto swarm abyss just like the last 2 bosses. My songhai deck sucks against all these bosses so far.

It,s kinda funny how op zir,an is vs almost all of the bosses while beeing trash on the ladder.

he played entropic gaze and tectonic spikes

what are you doing

is that mech meme decihorn?

He played Dark Transformation against my Moloki Huntress.

yes its my mech dance of memes deck, i run deci + spikes for an alternate wincon.

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Which one is alternative, you say? :slight_smile:

deci spikes, its the only part of the engine i have in the deck

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If you play mech and decispikes, it isn’t meme. That deck has been strong for months, doesn’t even matter what else you put in there


not when you only have 6 mechs and just the deci spikes combo… it doesn’t even run removal.

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