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Boss Battle FOR REALS: Lee-jun

Ok ok ok, I think I got it this time. This is NOT the Lyonar minion right?
…alright then, we’re good.

clears throat in preparation of typing for some reason

Everyone, this might be the most terrifying force we have ever encountered. Quiver in fear as you behold the awesome might of Lee-jun!

Lee-jun is a fellow student of the Crane School, alongside Tien-Shinhan, meaning he has mastered the art of quadruplication, as you can see here.

In order to defeat Lee-jun, you must also defeat Li-gun, Lea-sion, and Lei-tion. Each one gives special powers to all the Lee-jun bros.

Defeating the Lee-jun quadruplets will be a bit troublesome however, because even if you kill one, it will just respawn in a corner when their turn starts again. Just think of this boss as a bunch of annoying Gors that are also spell immune and buff and can also move really fast and also heal themselves.

In order to defeat them, you will have to channel your inner Gor and occupy the corners so the Lee-juns can’t do Gor-like things, or you will just have to kill them all in one turn. How hard can killing four 8-health minions in one turn be? :stuck_out_tongue:

The good news is that you start with 5 mana and they start with 2, probably because they start with 3 more generals than you. Unfortunately, you can’t disqualify them for having more than one general on the board at a time because Lee-jun is careful to apply the “General” tag to only one copy of himself at a time. This does mean you can use cards that affect minions on the other copies, so this is your chance to use cards like Lava Lance and Decimate on a general.

If you defeat the Lee-jun Quartet, you will receive a Boss Crate. That’s right, just one, even though you technically will have defeated four generals. Feel free to demand additional Boss Crates for this boss, because 4 generals is cheat, and we deserve compensation!


This awesome presentation reminded me that I have a full set of Flaming Stampede lying around. Off we go! :man_dancing:

Edit: I got two legendaries. The click-to-reward ratio is awesome.


I understood that reference.



…hold on, that technique also splits the power and speed of the user in four. Meaning that Lee-Jun is actually a 16/32, who heals by 12, can move 8 spaces and is immune to spells… :hot_face:


Great writeup!

I thought I was clever by killing the Legion which gives spell immunity to transform another Legion. Because transforming is not killing.

In this case it is though :frowning: both legions respawned.

Won nevertheless in the end though it was close because I covered all corners with walls and could beat them down.

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