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Boss Battle: Flying Monkey Guy (cuz we needed a flying monkey guy)



Here’s the flying monkey you ordered.

This is Wu’Jin the Trickster, the trickiest trickster to ever trick you with his tricky tricks. As mentioned earlier, he’s a flying monkey who will fling himself at you every turn. His ultimate goal is to make you magically disappear by smorcing you with all his might!

There’s no escaping Wu’Jin’s wrath because flying monkeys have…flying. And after engaging in battle, he will create a clone of himself, which to the untrained eye will be impossible to distinguish from Wu’Jin himself. However, there are a few ways to determine which is the decoy and which is Wu’Jin.

One is a 3/30. The other is a 1/5.
One has Flying. The other has Provoke.
One is called “Wu’Jin the Trickster”. The other is called “Decoy”.

Wu’Jin likes celerity minions like Beastbound Savage and Lysian Brawler. He also likes this card.

Guess Wu’Jin’s favorite Duelyst content creator of all time and win a prize.

If you can look past his decoys and destroy the real Wu’Jin, you will win a shiny new Boss Crate, but be careful because it might be another one of his tricky tricks! :sweat:



I can’t stop laughing at this



I’m starting to see a pattern of bosses folding quite easily with this sort of deck:

Too bad it’s high budget and not ladder-worthy, otherwise I’d recommend crafting things.



Somehow I find this paragraph awesomely hillarious, lmao :rofl:



Great write up! Abyssian Trial did the job for me but without using the trial, super weird :smiley:
I surrounded a Shadowdancer in a corner, so he had to use 2 BBS to kill it.

Waiting in a corner till the trickster moves there and then smashing his face is the best plan :wink:



This facemonkey likes to conveniently move all his minions upclose to a thunderhorn before moving himself and smacking it for nice little boardclear (a 1/5 provoke remains).

Also look at this casual 5 mana 15 damage play here:


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