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Boss Battle Feedback : Rin the Shadowsworn

My swarm is bigger than yours !

(and also my brain, as you’re just an AI … killed on first try, no pride in that, sadly :confused: )

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Nice…as always.

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She constantly had her minions run away and instead chose to deal with my Abyssal Juggernauts personally. It did not end well for her.


I won first try with dance of memes otk

she’s like a…greedy player or overbaring mother. Have her children go in the back where it’s nice and safe (Occulus’s there as a babysitter to boot) despite their apparent maturity while she goes in the front and tries to deal with everything herself.


She’s gotta protect her babies! Do you not understand her devotion to her children?

Who knows, maybe she was looking for Aspect of the Drake and wanted to create a flying circus of wraithlings for our amusement! XD

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Took me one game as well. I had two Shadow Dancers on the board and put myself in front of her minions. I let her keep two Priestesses alive since she’d take the new wraithlings and smack me for no benefit, only hurting herself.

It took only two turns of this before she killed herself.

This is all the more reason I feel the AI is lackluster. It’s bad enough she didn’t realize she was hurting herself with my Dancers out, but for her to only throw minions at me because she knew the wraithlings weren’t strong enough alone to kill the dancers. If she had known and acted sooner, she could’ve thrown sacrificial wraithlings at the dancers to kill them before it got out of hand. Although, to be fair, it’d be hard to make an AI realize the full extent of that kind of board state. /shrug

I took OTK Argeon to the fight. It was pretty fun :smiley: (Btw “shadowsworn” made me think of the “twilightsworn” archetype in yu-gi-oh!)

Got the boss down with Mechaz0r Argeon-- two cannons provising immense value for the win!
(I should try ranged lyonar as well)

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Kept moving the Wraithlings away from battle…

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Clearly NOT Lightsworn. You have way too many cards in your deck.

Mechhai went for a long time. we won on the first try only because she just left her 28/7 halfway and was playing 1ATK25TKO with a board full of wraithlings.

In a deck this swarm-y deck could she… maybe… and only maybe use aphotic drain?

This is the easiest boss to beat with Spinecleaver Sajj. All those wraithlings= lots of Bloodfire totems.

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It worked, :^)

Smh I was playing True Draco! :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: speaking of true Draco, I just bo
ught a display box of maximum crisis special edition, hope I pull some diagrams. EDIT:

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