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Boss Battle: Dark Magician

It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!!!

Attention Duelysts, ready your duel disks for the next thrilling boss battle! Your opponent is none other than the Dark Magician. But don’t be too frightened. The original 2500 ATK points and 2100 DEF points have been changed to a 3/42.

Even with the stat nerfs though, Dark Magician is not to be taken lightly. By converting himself into a Duelyst minion, he no longer requires 2 sacrifices to be summoned. Being a magician also means that he can fly anywhere he wants on the map so there’s no escaping the wrath of the Pharaoh’s most faithful servant.

You’ll have to rally up your best forces to defeat the mighty Dark Magician. The only problem is that your minions are not what they appear to be. Through the power of his Dark Magic Attack, Dark Magician causes any minion you summon to be transformed into another minion of equal cost.

Dark Magician is also accompanied by a Moebius at the start of the match. He grew attached to Moebius because it reminded him of the Shield and Sword magic card wielded by Joey.

But as long as you believe in topdecking…I mean the heart of the cards, you can defeat this iconic foe. If that doesn’t work, try threatening to jump off a building. That’s definitely worth winning a children’s card game.

If you do end up slaying the Dark Magician, you will receive one Boss Crate, as well as one locator card. Collect all 6 locator cards to find the secret hiding place of the long-forgotten Q4 content!


I seem to remember I beat her with Trial Abyssian last time, but I used Walls today and it works too. There’s a high chance the walls will give you rebirth weeny lizards, and these critters become 5/5 Hideatsu after dying.
Good value.

Don’t forget to play Worldcore Golem if you want Kraigon juice topping on your favorite General.


Hitting me with that nostalgia.

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Or…do it the other way around for a big dude


Crypto and Progenitor were MVPs here.


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