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Boss Battle: Danny Phantom


que the nostalgic kids show theme song

He’s a phantom!

:musical_note:Yo Danny Phantom he’s the next new boss
Quite a worthy foe to come across
Gotta make sure that you don’t take a loss :musical_note:

Gotta beat 'em down, he’s Danny Phantom

:musical_note:This boss has a unique effect
It’s not the kind you would expect
He becomes his minions after he dies
Watch this boss change before your very eyes :musical_note:

Smack him, smack him

:musical_note:When you summon a minion, here’s what you’ll do
That’s the very card you’ll change into
Play minions with more health than two
Or it’s gonna be the end of you
Now go fulfill your destiny
And win this fight for you and me
A Boss Crate comes with VICTORY :musical_note:

:musical_note:GOTTA BEAT 'EM DOWN 'CUZ HE’S DANNY PHANTOM :musical_note:
:musical_note:GOTTA BEAT 'EM DOWN 'CUZ HE’S DANNY PHANTOM :musical_note:
:musical_note:GOTTA BEAT 'EM DOWN 'CUZ HE’S…

…just a Dooly boss


I do not own Danny Phantom or Duelyst. This terrible remix of an old kids cartoon theme song is non-profitable. While the beats are fresh, they are unoriginal, and as such will NOT be added to my mixtape.


I appreciate your effort, good sir.


The following post contains cheese and is not suitable for the lactose intolerant.

Apparently you can never die if you use Sarlac. Just make sure that Sarlac is the last minion you play. You can still summon other minions, just make sure to kill off your Sarlac before you end your turn.

I don’t recall being able to do this, but I might just have forgotten.


Things you shouldn’t do:

  • Rizen
  • Rebirth or Eggs in general
  • Sentinels
  • Wraithlings

Things you should do:


did u know xorxuul makes u invincible ?


Does Dance of Dreams just instantly kill you?

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Well not Dance of Dreams but Kujata or Flash @epicflygon :slight_smile:

Don’t know this kids show, but I like that boss. It is really fun and something else. Only the second time we fight against it though.

Divine Bond did the trick for me. Sarlac was a nice guarantee that I couldn’t die anymore :smiley:


More cheese, harvested from Reddit:

Zohan posted a replay showing that the cubs spawned by Letigress are still generated even if your general suicide attacks, which allows you to combo kill the boss as early as turn 2.

My favorite: following up on the Sarlac trick mentioned above, here’s what happens when you try conceding with a Shadowdancer on the board.

These interactions really make you wonder about the timing of death triggers, although it’s important to keep in mind that the game mechanics sometimes work slightly differently during boss fights.


Hey guys! Look at this interesting “glitch” (feature?): If the last minion you play is sarlac you become ETERNAL!!!

Also, CONCEDE does nothing! The game doesn’t end! You will eventually win, unless your opponent plays Shadowdancer, which happened in my case… I wonder if there is a maximum number of turns :wink: (didn’t count tho)

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Whatever you do, don’t play a tusk boar as your last minion.


…an Easter"egg" perhaps…:wink:

Also, don’t try to use Maehv’s bbs in this battle … ever. It will instantly kill you.

Death triggers are wierd.



So basically my general died and i have become sarlac which cannot die xD

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Did anyone else experience weirdness with artifacts? I’m not sure what actually happened (I’d have to go back and watch my replay), but I was definitely seeing an artifact with 0 durability left that remained in play.

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That’s happened to me a couple times. Do you still keep the effect of the artifact?

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I remember bond is fun in this. Make a 27/25 t2


I think so. (15 characters)

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