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Boss Battle D3C Returns July 5, 2018!


The D3C Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, July 5th at 2:00 PM PDT until Thursday, July 12th, 2:00 PM PST

Do you think you know anything about Mechs? Have you allied yourself with the reveled MECHAZ0R?

D3C and its band of D3CEPTICLE parts are procedurally hunting down all those who would aid the fabled Mech.

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Half-Wink Kissy face is coming back?! Yipee!


From Archives for ref:


Stop killing D3CEPTICLE fam, he’s already dead!



man, i wish we get more 2nd form bossfights. that alone makes this bossfight one of my favorites


overpower boss


I thought I was about to get him with the Excelsious, but I completely forgot about the Exile… Fun boss.


Fun boss really. I had to go against him with my Mechaz0r / Second Self deck obviously, and it worked out.
He doesn’t really take full advantage of his second form, in my opinion.


Did the second form get a buff? I remember it having just Provoke and Celerity the last time, but now it got Backstab, Flying, and Forcefield in addition. (I might be wrong.)


Nah, he always had Backstab, Celerity, Provoke, Forcefield and Flying. Just like Mechaz0r! he takes the abilities of all of his parts and combines them into a massive mech.


Yeah! All the abilities!

Chassis - Forcefield!
Sword - Frenzy!
Cannon - Ranged!
Wings - Airdrop!
Helm -… existence?

On a more serious note, just as I had beaten most bosses with infinite Sarlacs, now they all die to Trial Maehv. With the addition of Trials, bosses became more boring, I do it only for the free orbs.

Did you also notice that their BBS are repeating?


Mechaz0r dont have Flying


He means similar to mechazor, d3c takes the abilities of HIS parts and adds em up.


I found this boss to be a bit challenging (about 3 different decks, 2 tries with each deck on average) but still fair; most of all a very cool idea in general.


A bug, dispeling “core of decepticle” dont work.


Dispelling boss abilities shouldn’t work though?



do u know the name of the boss?


Boss pieces also shouldn’t be dispellable. (At least, not the “d3c can’t be damaged while __ lives” part of it. I’m not so sure about keywords they spawned with).

P.S: if you really think that it’s a bug then put it in community support and post some screenshots/replays of the fight


Boss effects usually cant be dispelled, dispelling his minions should have the same effect as Zane from Vol`s fight


Something something, Gate to the Undervault OP, something something.