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Boss Battle - Crystalline Champion

The Crystalline Champion Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, February 1st, 2:00 PM PST until February 6th,  2:00 PM PST

Boss Battle: Crystalline Champion

A noble warrior bestowed with armor fashioned from depleted mana crystals, the Crystalline Champion shows his opponents their true mettle. The power that emanates from him cripples the weak and fuels aggression, making the fight as razor-edged as his glaive.



Face the Champion and the company he keeps! At the front are a Crystal Wisp and a Crystal Cloaker ready to take you down.

Don't let these two achieve their goals; the Wisp is looking to accelerate Crystalline Champion's mana, while the Cloaker wants Infiltrate to boost its attack.



"Crystals? You mean more like brittle glass, right?"

The Crystalline Champion likes to cut the weak out of a fight. Those who survive his trial shall become like glass cannons!

You'll want to deploy minions with high health to endure the crystallizing effect this boss deploys.

Keep in mind that the Champion is equipped with a Forcefield, meaning fragile health minions won't survive long enough to deal repeatable damage.


"So why should I shatter this Champion?"

If you can shatter the Crystalline Champion in combat you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!

Are you sharp enough to survive this confrontation?


Duelyst Boss Crystalline Callout



Did it first try with my Big Boyz, was really fun, bit surprised my Phantasms turned to be useless but Big Boyz were even bigger :slight_smile:


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Fun and difficult boss, beat him with Argeon and value generators to get infinite Silverguards. Ironically, the boss had like half the cards I picked.

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Bosses like these makes me think outside the box; I like that.

Have to admit, the boss also gave me a bit of trouble since my usual tricks don’t usually work this time around, so I had to get creative.

On the plus side, this means that cards I haven’t used recently gets a chance to shine:



Made a full out Reva ranged deck with some Tusk Boars. Super easy. Her BBS does not die to the enemy general’s proc. Throw in some Jaxis. The respawned mini Jax does not die either.

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