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Boss Battle: Crystalline Champion – Duelyst

The Crystalline Champion Boss Battle will be available on Tuesday, September 5th 2:00 PM PDT until Sunday, September 10th 4:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle: Crystalline Champion

A noble warrior bestowed with armor fashioned from depleted mana crystals, the Crystalline Champion shows his opponents their true mettle. The power that emanates from him cripples the weak and fuels aggression, making the fight as razor edge as his glaive. 💎 ![|520x520](upload://viawiEndEg5f2ZDlxsL43LppAsP.gif) Face the Champion and the company he keeps! ![|1200x650](upload://yEfdqMiw232updC0KH4Ub0o6gxP.png)

"Crystals? You mean more like brittle glass, right?"

The Crystalline Champion likes to cut the weak out of a fight. Those who survive his trial shall become like glass cannons! ![|632x772](upload://tPrlaYm6DOjpIC6xNVQ5Fbj9fpN.png)

"So why should I shatter this Champion?"

If you can best the Crystalline Champion in combat you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened with a key purchased from the shop for 500 Diamonds. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience! Are you sharp enough to survive this confrontation? ![|600x200](upload://3dbwSsuPjh4XdY2XWGWZIMXlqDh.png)

Time to play whit healyonar again

i think imma try a swarm list. i know its gonna be frostburned, but i wanna see wraithings killing things bigger than them 1v1

wait… does all from action bar include me??? (does it include wraithlings from spells??? if it does i see insta wins from luminous charges)

Dance of memes kreygasm

Holy shiet

I hope no, i should do a full heal-control Bond aregon deck then

Did you try this? Curious to know how it worked out. I’m about 95% sure it’s only minions from the action bar, and not from spells from the action bar however, I’m curious to know how well it performed over-all.

So, over-all… I’ve always been extremely disappointed in Bosses. They have gimmicks, and that I’ve been fine with. What I’ve always thought was abso-f*cking-retarded was the fact that they mix faction cards together. My 9 year old could build an extremely over-powered deck if they had the freedom to add just whatever the hell they wanted to a deck. I just don’t see boss battles as very creative, and puts a very narrow range on the player to create a deck sometimes specifically for each boss. These decks in my experience end up looking weird, and wouldn’t perform outside of the vacuum that is the boss they were intended for. Maybe I’m missing the fun here, but I can’t stand brewing. It’s a bunch of trial and error, when I’d rather to focus on minimizing errors, and winning. This mindset leaves me to sticking to meta, and teching for whatever I’m seeing played in whatever tier I’m in.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recall there being a boss that I didn’t beat, but I suppose I expected higher level play to come out of these boss battles? For instance, I expected each one to focus on building a strong near-meta style deck from a specific faction that synergized well with the exclusive abilities the boss had. This whole thing with mixing factions is just annoying, and leaves me wondering why I bother with it for only a single orb. I don’t really see the boss crates as a reward, but they are good value; I’ve bought many of them but giving me the option to purchase something and calling it a reward doesn’t make it one.

Suggestion: Boss exclusive skins for cards. Seeing as most bosses are skins of cards we already have in the game, why not give us those skins to use in-game as a reward for beating the boss in addition to our orb? I don’t see why this wasn’t already done to begin with, but to me that would be a reward worth grinding out even if it took me the entire five days. Seems dumb that you spend time making a new re-colored skin, especially of cards of low rarity with custom animation to just let them disappear after a week.

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It only triggers from the action bar. He doesn’t have many spells and seems to run out of cards too quickly. First try with archer reva, Strangely this meme deck is really good against any boss.


I can confirm that it only affects minions coming from the action bar; minions summoned by spells and abilities were unaffected.

I haven’t seen a boss yet that can’t be stopped by Juggernaut. The AI prioritizes killing minions and forgets about positioning when it’s overwhelmed with targets. This was a pretty interesting bossfight mechanic though. I like the idea of adding world rules to these fights, like the cool necromancer that turned your creatures against you upon death.

It would be interesting to play boss v boss with other players, where each of you competes to abuse the boss rules, kind of like the Tavern Brawl system in Hearthstone, but on a better game.


Beat it first try with a weird, janky Sajj thing. Had a rough start, but once I got the blast/staff/if you destroy a minion with you general you get a free one artifact, he just keeled over and was trashed with noshrak. Pretty easy.

I agree with the boss v boss style play. I’m still going to advocate for the boss skins be rewarded to players via skins for the card they parody. I’m completely puzzled as to why this isn’t a thing. The flavor here is endless, and gives everyone a way to show off what bosses they’ve defeated in the past.


Like the previous boss, Obelysk-ed to death :smiley:
(testing share feature again)

edit : works only on Chrome last version, same as the game web client I guess.

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Wow, that’s an excellent idea!

That could be a cool bit of flair, and it might convince more people to be incentivized to open boss crates. I’ve been playing since alpha, and I have literally never been inclined to open a crate.

I intend for it to be a FREE reward with the boss. If they implemented it behind a paywall, I’d never play against another boss. lol

I tried to use it, but my browser ate itself and couldn’t.
That’s a cool feature though.

I will try to remember it.

Free would be rad, but I don’t see them being able to justify the business reason. Because the boss already gives you a free pack for winning, it would need to either be much harder to win the fight or cost a gold entry fee like the gauntlet to balance giving more things.

Especially now that they’re partnered with Bandai Namco, I can’t see them adding more freebie things to the game until their userbase picks up some more.

Most of the people I run across in matchmaking are the same names I’ve seen since Beta, and the same names as the people I fought the days before, so it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge influx of players that would allow them the resources to add unprofitable features.

Works only on Chrome last version, same as the game web client I guess.

They aren’t giving it to us now at all, and the work is being done regardless of them giving it to use because the skin is for the boss. I don’t see where there is anything to justify it NOT being free. Freebies is how you attract more players; players = volume = higher sales. It’s a proven fact that player volume increases sales. I can’t think of any game where you’d sacrifice 1% player volume to have 1% extra of the players be whales. You’ll just about always have a higher profit with every 1% of added player volume. The partnership with bandai shouldn’t affect this, and if anything they would probably agree with this strategy, as it’s basically what they have forced WoTC to do with Magic The Gathering verbatim back in May of 2016 by having them redevelop their planeswalker box sets which devalued secondary market, but it was in favor of gaining new players at a cheaper entry for standard.

All features are profitable. Even free ones. And CPG currently has a history with free (albeit limited) skins. I was in sales up until about a week ago, and paywalls are proven to fail. The more paywalls the less likely something is to succeed. They just don’t work.

Freebies translate to happy players; happy players will equal more money spent per %. I’m personally incentivised to support a company I like more than buying things I like which I feel is pretty common in the demographic that plays these sort of games.

I could be entirely wrong here, and I do believe you’re right that you’d end up with a few players purchasing every boss crate if it gave them access to the skins but I don’t believe it’d be equal to those who stopped paying for content altogether feeling disenfranchised over more paywall content.

The bosses are rapidly falling in quality. I guess the free orb is nice but it’s completely not fun now. You have actually destroyed boss battles. From too easy to a good time to absolutely no fun in two months. This game just continues to disappoint me with everything except the mechanics. :sweat_smile: but I don’t like card games I like board games so maybe that’s why.

“I’m gonna play dance of memes! Hahaha, I’m a genius~”

It was at that moment, that excogitator knew that he f***ed up


Boss was a cake walk. Especially compared to the previous one.

I think someone changed the AI somewhere along the lines. They used to go smack any minion they could possibly kill, but now when they see Sarlacs and Gors in the way, they refuse to attack them. After 3 turns, I was playing solitaire. The boss would still drop minions, but neither it nor their minions would attack anything anymore.