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Boss Battle: Creepy Guy Cade


Please no Obliterate! Please no Obliterate!

It’s time for another boss battle, this one featuring Cade, a super ripped guy who’s also incredibly creepy for reasons that may or may not be entirely related to the creep he has on the board.

Fortunately for you, Cade only has a slight head start on his creep generation.

See? Just a slight head start. And 5 mana’s worth of minions. And he has more stats than your general. But other than those few things, you’re basically on even footing straight out of the gate.

Speaking of footing, Cade will be messing with your footing all game. He earned honorary “Push Dog” status at the age of 12, and will proceed to push anything that hurts him or anything he hurts. But enough about Cade! Let’s talk about what cards he plays.

I’ll start by talking about what he doesn’t play: Obliterate, ghost azalea, or abyssal tormentor. Yeah, he doesn’t run any creep finishers when he immediately starts with 24 creep tiles on board. But he does run some creep cards, like 4 mana 27/27s.
This means his 4-drops will eat a Worldcore Golem for breakfast. It also means that if Cade pushes you near this thing, it’s GG ez for him.

Cade wants nothing more than for you to die. Well, except for other Desolators to die. If you summon a Desolator against Cade the Desolator, he will start having an identity crisis, which can only be resolved by eliminating it. Like so.

But the weirdest part about Cade is that he makes you question who’s side you’re on.

Make sure you destroy Cade, and not your own general!

If you destroy your own general, you will be rewarded with absolutely nothing. But if you destroy Cade, you get a Boss Crate. A Boss Crate is better than nothing, so you may as well destroy Cade. Because who doesn’t like free stuff?


TIL we have fan fiction for bosses.


Check out all the others @mrmana3 did by either checking his post history or going to the wiki and looking through boss threads :smiley:

Hilarious write up again! Love it :slight_smile: (and added it to the wiki ofc)

Will try the guy later.


There are bosses that are fun to play against and there is this guy. You lose a couple times, get annoyed and decide to turn to trusty Sarlac and Shadowdancer. And then you realize Shadowdancer moves all the time it pings, lands on shadow creep and dies. And then you die too. FeelsBadMan

Kara saves. Look at him go. Frenzy these walls! Attaboy.


Not as fun as Cinder. Not even worth posting the replay this time. After finding Shadow Dancer useless. I ended up just 1-hitting him with a Shadow Walker.


Grow did the trick for me.

A little bit long, next time I cut my thinking time :smiley:


Rizen didn’t work. Deceptib0t was ok.


like all wraithling bosses, he gets whittled down by kinetihorn very fast.
also if you have purgatos he’s trade with it like there’s no tomorrow, which is good because you’ll get procs like you’ve never imagined.

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